Notes of Complicated Simplicity & Bebe Bottle Sling

So this morning I woke up to this:
Thanks to Corin at Notes of Complicated Simplicity and her very first giveaway, I am now going to be the proud owner of a Bebe Bottle Sling.

Parents who bottle feed their infant on a routine basis or even on an occasional basis have encountered moments when it is inconvenient to feed the baby; however, the infant demands the bottle. Mothers of twins and triplets have even more difficulty since babies often want to be fed at the same time and there are not enough hands to hold the babies AND the bottles. Some of the instances where it would be nice to have an extra set of hands to help feed the baby (or babies if your have twins or triplets) are when you're...

  • getting ready for work.
  • enjoying meals (either at a restaurant or at home).
  • taking care of twins or triplets.
  • attending to older siblings.
  • doing household chores.
  • enjoying hobbies.
  • out in public places (such as the airport or a shopping center).

Usually, the parent resorts to propping the bottle with a blanket or pillow or anything that is handy. Unfortunately, these methods of holding the bottle do not work effectively, especially for active babies. In addition, placing bulky items around the face can make it difficult for the baby to get away from the bottle if they want to stop or can cause the baby to get too hot. The bottle often ends up beside the infant leaving the baby and the parent frustrated. The bebe bottle sling by Ergo enables hassle-free, hands-free feeding of the infant due to its innovative yet simple design

This little ingenious item will give mommy a hand when Elijah decides to go from zero (sleeping) to Screaming Hungry in -2 seconds right while I'm in the middle of something! It will also help him to learn to hold his bottle on his own. This is a safe way of "proping" his bottle and can be used on any handled car seat. (Though NEVER use it in a actual moving car!)

I'll let you know how much I ♥ it when i get it! Until then get your own Bebe Bottle Sling at:

and definitely head over to see Corin! She is another mama with a newborn who blogs and twitters AND she has a 3 year old! Click her banner to head on over there now!

Thanks again to Corin & Bebe Bottle Sling!


Anonymous said...

Ingenious! If only I had found this 9 years ago. lol

This would make a nice go-to gift for a baby shower.

Will keep this one on file.