Top Toys to Grow with your Newborn


Since Elijah's birthday and Christmas are so close together I wanted to pick things for Christmas that are going to be good for him for more than a few months. That's a hard thing to determine with so many things out there these days. After hours upon hours of browsing online suddenly it was already days before Christmas and I was out of time for shipping. I know... bad mommy. BUT I did find so many great things I want to get I may need that extra money we get for Christmas, or a small bank loan! My favorite ideas came from Jamie:

Top Toys to Grow With Your Newborn

A child is deeply influenced by the environment surrounding them on a day-to-day basis and it’s important that as caretakers for our children, we choose the best activities for them. Children as young as one year of age can begin to learn language so why not get started on developing useful skills through educational toys and games? When choosing the most beneficial toys for your baby whether it be a dollhouse or musical play table, consider which skills each toy will develop your child’s character as well as if they can use it on a regular basis for years to come. Here are a few top toys to get you off to a great start when determining which activities will influence your children’s growth in the best way possible:

  • Anatex Deluxe Mini Play Cube Activity Toy will occupy your children’s afternoon for hours on end. The Play Cube is filled with vibrant colors and unique shapes and patterns that offer a problem-solving lesson for your children. Young kids will be able to learn letters, count numbers, and strengthen hand-eye coordination with vibrantly colored gears and maze-like beaded games.

  • Chicco Music ‘N Play Table is the ultimate toy for your baby as it provides a variety of building block and musical activities that will keep your child engaged every time they play. When choosing an educational toy, music is key. Not only will your baby learn to press buttons that signal different sounds and colorful lights but they will also develop their hand-eye coordination, cognitive, visual, and musical skills.

  • Step2 Scribble Center Chalkboard Easel provides your young children with the perfect space for them to creatively draw pictures or practice their alphabet. We all know what happens when we give our children chalk and an open driveway space outside! Offer your kids an area to express themselves on the chalkboard or on a sheet of paper. Once paper pads are attached by the chalkboard clip, you can watch your kids design their own creations!

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    Those are some GREAT ideas right? I want to play with the cube myself! I LOVED those in my doctor's office when I was a kid! It would be so neat to have one at home!
    I hope this helps other new parents to get on the right toy track! I'll be back after Christmas with lots of photos and tell you about Elijah's Christmas presents!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!


    Alicia @ said...

    Merry Christmas Erin!!! Have a sweet Christmas with you new little baby!!!

    Betty said...

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your new little bundle of joy!
    I wish they had these cool toys when I was little. lol!

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