"How to eat your stuffed Lizard" By Elijah

Hi There! I'm Elijah and I will be your host for today's tutorial, "How to eat your stuffed lizard." My particular stuffed Lizard is named Lizzy. It was given to me by my god sister :) But you can use any old plush lizard. Just make sure its not a real lizard! O_o
First, Make sure you have him good and tight by the arms. See what I am doing there? I am ensuring that I have the optimal grip for lizard tasting! These things can get slippery folks, you have to really be sure you have a strong grip.
You might even want to start looking cute and then move your mouth closer to your lizard at the same time. It will keep it calm if it sees you smiling.
OK! Now this is a very important part! Make 100% sure your Paci is NOT in your mouth. This will really make things difficult if it is and your lizard may get away if your not careful. So make sure you are prepared by going ahead and removing that now. Keep it close though for when you're done. See mine there on my chest & arm. Great for lifting right back in my mouth!
Alright we are almost ready. Slowly now, Move in for the taste. Slower. Slower. Easy does it.... Almost....


Well folks, there you have it! I hope you thoroughly enjoyed my tutorial on lizard eating and that you will stop by again soon. For more information on eating your stuffed friends please write:
Eli's Tasty Tutorials
c/o Mommy
in comment box below!

Thanks again! See you next time when we review the safety features of extremely soft fuzzy socks! ~eLi



Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

Ahhh!! Hes so cute!! Him and Delaina will make the cutest baby couple lol

Seriously, the 2nd pic! TOO cute!

kristin maynes said...

That's so Cute!! It makes me want more...but no, seven is enough!! haha! He's adorable too!

Anonymous said...

He's so cute.

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

That's adorable!

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

Oh My Elijah you are just too cute for words!!

Erin--This is the cutest post!!

Leigh said...

Okay, that was the most adorable blog post either. Such a gorgeous boy too! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info... Grandma's need instructions too.... love ya

RachelFerrucci said...

Elijah- what a great post! Boy, is a baby's job hard but you have it down pat! You're so adorable! You've Touch'd my heart <3


Anonymous said...

Aww he is too cute! Very cute post!

Screwed Up Texan said...

That such a cute post! I have a feeling he's gonna love bugs and creatures. He is starting early!