Notes of Complicated Simplicity Giveaway & Letter

My girl Corine over at Notes of Complicated Simplicity is has two really neat things going on I wanted to tell everybody about!

First of all is something called "Letter's to Dysfunctional Nowhere"

Its a new thing she just introduced a few days ago after the response to one she composed! Is there something you have been dying to say to someone? Anger? Hate? Grief? Abandonment? Or any other feeling you have for someone and you know you could NEVER tell them face to face? Head over to Notes of Complicated Simplicity and find out how you can alleviate that urge and read other people's letters judgment free every Sunday! Check it out and then email her to be a guest blogger & have your letter featured! Confidentially if you want of course!

Next Awesome thing you'll find at Notes of Complicated Simplicity is a Sugar Fly Review & Giveaway!
Sugar Fly is an Awesome store owned by Michelle, an amazing MOM-trepnuer! She has wonderful jewelry & accessories! She has offered to give one of Notes of Complicated Simplicity's readers one of her FABULOUS Volcano Rings! So make sure you head over to enter to win!

Thanks! And remember you can find all that and more over at
Notes of Complicated Simplicity!
Make sure you comment that Erin sent you so she knows I'm doing a good job at being her BTFF! (Best Twitter Friend Forever)



Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

Thanks for the shout-out Erin!! You're definitely the BTTF :)