The Search for the Pefect Diaper Bag

As far back as I can remember I carried a bag of some sort. In elementary school I had a pink Care Bear's suitcase that said "setting sail for Grandma's" that I carried back and forth to my Granny's house as well as a few childrens purses.

In middle school I can remember carrying a green LL Bean book bag as big as possible with all my
junkworldly treasures and things that might
nevercome in handy one way or another. I also started my purse obsession around that time. Of course then I started the cool trend with my friends of carrying things that weren't even made to be purses, as purses. Such as metal & plastic children's lunchboxes, the plastic bags from my favorite stores, Chinese food takeout boxes, anything possible with a handle that closed.

I continued that tradition in high school as well as continuing the back pack of plenty, but only this time carrying a messenger bag that if you didn't know better, could be mistaken for a small general store. I am not sure my logic on why it was so important I carried everything but the kitchen sink, but I did.

I started driving in high school and had parking space number 2. [Yes, I was that important.] But anyway, I realized I no longer needed to carry EVERYTHING in my bag, I could expand to my entire trunk. And thus was the birth of carrying separate bags for each category of items. Now I had the purse that carried all necessities, the back pack that carried all school related items and the lunch bag that went into school with me. Then in the trunk was the first aid bag, the art supply bag, the extra clothing bag, the extra coats bag, the extra shoes bag, the snacks bag, the drinks bag, the library bag, the period bag, the sports bag, etc.

Now in college this bag trend continued but by this time, my trunk was pretty full, and overflowed to the backseat. I drove from Baltimore, Maryland to York, Pennsylvania everyday. I had to be prepared and was now known amongst my peers as "Mary Poppins." I went to an art college and we had to carry a studio back pack. This thing was about as big as I am. I also had to carry my laptop bag which was huge in itself, and then also my art tackle box. SO MUCH STUFF!

Finally after college one day it just dawned on me... Why in the world do I need all this stuff? I emptied my car, emptied my purse, emptied every bag I owned, and started fresh. Sure I still keep a first aid kit, road side tool kit, and emergency supplies in the car. I still keep the necessities in my purse. But I don't carry anything unnecessary. The big key was deciding what to carry that I ACTUALLY NEED and what I will NEVER in a million years need to carry.

...Then I became a MOM.

Now not only did I need to carry my stuff, but I needed to carry Elijah's stuff. AND it had to be something Dave could carry as well and not look like a girly man. [No man purses for him!] UGH! What is important to carry and what isn't when you're a parent? Did your lists totally change from what you thought you would need to carry to what you realized you had to carry? During my pregnancy I made these cute little lists about all the cute little stuff we would carry in our diaper bags.

At first we started out with this cute little diaper bag the hospital gave us...

It was good at first. Fit
nothingeverything we THOUGHT we would need off that cute little list of mine.
  • 5 diapers
  • 1 pack of wipes
  • a trial size desitin
  • 2 bibs
  • 1 onesie
  • 1 sleep & play [you know those things that button or zip & have feet. idk what they're called]
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 Hat
  • an extra can of formula
  • a folder with important baby papers
  • 2 bottles being held up by all the junk in the bag
  • and a paci keeper hanging from the side
Then it happened. Christmas dinner at Dave's Aunt's house he decided to have the most massive poop us newbie parents had ever experienced! IT WAS EVERYWHERE! seriously... it was from his feet to his hair! How did this happen? We have no idea. Our only thought was that he hadn't gone in a few days, and when he did , he was in the midst of being passed around. Well apparently someone got quite the smelltastic gift when he let loose. Then we got him back just in time to sit down to dinner. So we put him right in his seat, without smelling him, or checking the rear cargo compartment. So THEN a few minutes later he looks at me and makes that "ordering food" sound, so I proceed to pick him up and feed him. I even burped him. I'm pretty sure at this point an announcement was made:
No... actually I missed that announcement from Captain Obvious, STILL didn't smell him and put him back in his chair to continue my Christmas feast. Then suddenly Dave & I got a whiff of something. We look at each other of course first. [No, honey, it wasn't me this time.] Then look at Elijah who is grinning from ear to ear. We scooped him up, grabbed our diaper bag and went off to the bathroom. What we discovered in there could make a homicide detective faint. Yes, it was that gruesome. I won't go into the details about how it even soaked completely through the back of his BRAND NEW Christmas outfit. I won't even go into the details of how we got it off or how we got him cleaned up. BUT what I will say is that we learned our lesson and learned that little cute bag you saw before is not enough.

We then have moved on to this bag:

Now, to the naked eye, this bag may not look like much. But, let me tell you, this is some nice luggage right here. [Really, its part of Dave's luggage set.] It's got the nice sturdy roomy middle pocket, a nice width, a big delightful sipper pocket on the front, a wide, padded, shoulder strap and yes even a place for that cute little monkey pacifier holder. Not to mention how many baby in-case-of supplies it comfortably holds.This bag contains:
  • 15 diapers [5 in the front zipper part, 10 inside]
  • 2 wipe cases [1 in the front zipper part, 1 inside]
  • extra pack of wipes
  • 2 changing pads
  • a small zippered pack with trials of desitin, baby shampoo, baby soap, baby lotion, 3 baby wash cloths, and other miscellaneous items.
  • A full sized towel
  • Pack of disposable wash clothes
  • small first aid kit
  • 2 cans of formula
  • 2-4 bottles
  • 4 bibs
  • 2 Onsies
  • 2 Sleep & Plays
  • 2 pairs of socks
  • 1 hat
  • 2 blankies
  • wallet with Insurance cards & ID
  • immunization folio
  • toys
  • and I could go on about 10 more things I'm sure.
I even have started putting a few pads and tampons in there for me! Why not? I already carry the thing, might as well be FULLY FUNCTIONAL.

Now as much as I like this beautiful peice of luggage. I still have a dream to own a beautiful AND functional diaper bag. Actually TWO of them. One for me, and one for Dave. I want them to both suit our styles and carry everything Elijah needs daily and just-in-case.


Stay Tuned to find out what happens next in the diaper bag saga!

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♥ Erin



Anonymous said...

Great post! I can definitely identify with the overflowing bag--book, computer, calendar, lip balm, oh and might need Tylenol at some point. haha! Good luck on your search!

kristin maynes said...

OMG!! You really needed a bigger bag after an accident like that.

Alicia @ said...

Oh no! Now I am worried about the bag I have,....I hope its big enough!! LOL Mine is a graco diaper bag....I will have to go and look at the name of it but that requires me to actually get up and do some work (*walk*)...LOL So I will let you know at a later date!!! :-)