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As most of you know, my laptop died last Friday. When I was telling you about the laptop loss and my normal computer backup routines, I told you a little about my Princess Leia Mimobot Flash Drive. Here's the excerpt if you've already read the post or don't feel like going back:
“Tragically I hadn't backed up in about 2 weeks. Something I usually do almost every day... It's why I keep a little jar of pen drives with it!!! And why I have spindles and spindles, cases and cases of back up disks from once a month for the last 7 years and boxes and boxes of 3.5" floppies from before that!

Central Pen Drive Guide

1. Central Current: Current design jobs for clients / Blog stuff & draft posts / daily Mozilla Thunderbird email backups
2. Central DigiGraphics: Digital scrap booking & current personal projects
3. Central Home Management: Our home management files, schedules, cleaning lists, family emergency info, family medical info, kitchen guides, you know all that OCD home organization goodness.
4. Central Media: Video game information, walk-throughs, cheats. Media Inventories.
5. My ***NEW*** 4 gig Princess Leia Mimobot is still currently empty because I love it so much I just sit and stare at it for hours. [review coming soon! ... now that I have to re-write it!]

BUT my computer had not been working right all week so I didn't get to back it up.”

So as promised I want to tell you about my exciting Mimobot flash drive!

A few months back I saw someone on Twitter, tweeting to @mimbot. They were saying something really weird that grabbed my attention and so I had to figure out what this was all about. I clicked on to @mimobot's profile and was interested to read that they were having a Word of the Day competition. Everyday they were posting a WOTD and all you had to do was reply to them with a sentence using the WOTD to be entered to win one of their very cool flash drives. From the moment I saw them I was in love!

AS07_Hanazuki_OneLove CS2_Fairybit meletta_lg

Mimobots are collectable designer USB flash drives. Launched in 2005 by Mimoco, Inc. They are original designs by artists and preloaded with all kinds of neat “Mimory” that includes music, video, animations, and games. Many of the Mimobots are produced in limited quantities between 500 to 5,000 units. They offer 1 to 8 gigs of storage and look cute while doing it! They even have a great story about how the Mimobots came to this planet: the story from the mimobots of planet blõôh.

melettomain neromain pastaiomain
They have a few different types: original MIMOBOT characters, artist series collaborations, and licensing partnerships. Besides all the great artists originals, the licensed Mimobots are characters

I’m sure you will recognize. Jhd_shop_HappyTreeFriendsapans DOMO, Halo Characters like Master Chief, Happy Tree Friends, and STAR WAhd_shop_haloRS!!! Yes, Star wars!

Star Wars in one of our favorite movies! I fell in love with the hd_shop_StarWarsPrincess Leia one! My mom called me Princess Leia growing up and she is of course my favorite Star Wars Characters. Dave collects Boba Fett stuff, so he had to have the Boba Mimobot. Wow were we amazed when we received them. We didn’t even want to open them! They come in these really neat clear cases that are so cool. On the top of the case it says what number yours is. My 4 gig Princess Leia is 2,224 out of 3,500. Dave’s Boba Fett is 4,420 out of 5,000. That alone makes you feel special! So we finally got around to opening them [carefully!!!] How awesome are these things?!?!?!
SW2_Leia SW2_Boba
Yeah I know! Pretty much as awesome as it gets! Dave plugged his in and we spent the next hour playing with the preloaded content on both of them. I have never been so excited over a pen drive in my life!
They even came with cute little protoHoodie Keychains especiallyhgmzv2_2 to fit our characters! They have these fun hoodies to fit everyone of their Mimobots in a variety of colors. I always am excited when my technology can stay warm and adorable in their own little hoodies.
I will have no problem when I get my new computer backing it up everyday! These Mimobot drives are so cool, you WANT to use them as much as possible! I am happy just looking at it! hehe! Dave’s actually using his to back up some files right now!
So I know you’re all going to head right over to Mimoco’s Mimobot site and buy one right now! BUT for those of you who want a chance to own one out of the goodness of their hearts, they have offered one of you lucky readers a Mimobot of your choice!
TO ENTER: Visit Mimoco.com and look at the Mimobot Drives. Come back and leave a comment letting me know your favorite Mimobot and why!
Not following all directions will result in disqualification!
For extra entries:
  1. Visit Mimoco.com and goto store locations. Come back and leave a comment telling me the closest place they’re sold near you.
  2. In another comment, tell me an artist you would like to see design or character you would like to see in a Mimobot.
  3. Follow @mimobot AND ME @erinjeany. Then tweet about this giveaway with both of our twitter names included. The more creative the better! Then come back and leave another comment with your twitter name AND the tweet URL!
  4. Blog about this giveaway. Leave another comment with your blog link.



&hearts Erin
All Mimobot Images are copyright of Mimoco, Inc.
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