Notable Newness 2.22.09

HELLO Wonderful readers! Hope you had a great week! lets get on with the Newness!

This past week on From Son Up To Son Down (click on highlighted part of the title to read the post)

Coming this week!!!

  • CYBER BABY SHOWER FUN! Now since Alicia’s computer died and then my laptop bit the dust with all the party posts - we aren’t going to celebrate the way we originally planned BUT what we will do is have some fun posts with reviews, giveaways, and shower gifts for Alicia and baby Cayden. THEN after Cayden has arrived we will have another celebration with some games and other fun stuff once Alicia is settled!

Other Webby Notable Newness:

  • Have you seen Mom Faves yet? Vote for my site and add all your favorite stuff! It’s SO addicting! I promise, you moms will LOVE it!
  • Have you seen the “Caption this” Post on Complicated Mama? hehe Just another reason her Mr. Complicated is Cooler than Cool.
  • I swear every one of the posts Tonya writes is a winner! But if you haven’t ever seen her A day in my life, then you at least need to head over every Sunday and see her “Weekly Winners” photographs from the past week! I can never get enough of the photos of her twins!
  • Speaking of Tonya – She has great ideas for those scraps of yarn you have laying about on Currently Crafting…
  • Okay and ONE MORE from Tonya’s Munchkins and Mayhem blog, Have you ever wondered how good the Edible Arrangements really were? She has solved the mystery!
  • Did you see @its_me_betty’s first post as a guest blogger? You already may know her as an active Twitter Mom,or as the supportive, loving, AWESOME, pr’ing wife behind The Joe Review, now see what she has to say about Supporting your spouse this week on MomIF.
  • Very few blogs make me want to drool… but Blog Well Done happens to be one that makes my mouth water! Besides his GREAT recipes and cooking info this Wednesday he is having a LIVE cooking demo at 6:30pm Central! You got to check him out!
  • Baby Love Letters – I love the great ideas each week and I’m sure Elijah will appreciate that I do them every week.

Notable Freebie Newness:


Okay I think that’s enough GREAT linky goodness to get you started!

Have a great week! Hope to see you back soon!


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