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Okay I am going to be perfectly honest. I am obsessed with Swag Bucks.

Swag Bucks is a site where you earn digital dollars called "Swag Bucks", which can be redeemed for exclusive swagbucks.com merchandise. They have a few different ways to earn the bucks too.

My favorite is a search bar add on to firefox. All you do is search like normal in that search bar instead of the normal google one and get google and ask.com results. Each time you search gives you a chance to win from 1 to 5 swag bucks. How easy is that? I win at least once a day. Depending on how much I do that day you can win much much more. Makes you not want to bookmark sites so you can use that an an excuse to search for them! hehe

They have a facebook account and twitter profile and often leave swag buck codes for you to snag for a limited time. You can also get bucks from shopping, recycling old electronics, commenting on their blog, submitting poll ideas, and inviting friends... friends like YOU my sweet dear blog reading friend.

The lists of prizes are seriously endless! Everything from Vinyl records to sports and music memorabilia to gift cards. Seriously tons of prizes! A 1 gig Ipod Shuffle is 890 swag buck's, a harmonica is 210 sb's (lol yes a harmonica), they even have a iphone for 3800 sb's! My favorites are the Amazon.com gift cards and in my opinion are by far the best deal. They are 45 sb's for a $5 gift card! I have already gotten a bunch and was just redeeming TWO more and realized I should share this with you.

I found Swag Bucks through searching for ways to make money and gift cards online. Like many of the sites that are out there I figured it was going to be hard, annoying, and I would never get anything . Whoa. Not the case here! Swag Bucks is SO easy, and Amazon gift cards rock!

Whats really cool is that they email you the gift card. Then if you set up a amazon account they have a feature to input your giftcard numbers so you can save them all up and keep a running total without having to worry about where you put the emails. You can use it like a savings account for Amazon.

Right now we have $15 in our "savings account" that we are going to use to get a 2000 Wii Points card. Of course unless we think of something better. Now that there are so many merchants on Amazon.com it beats the pants off of going to the store.

Anyway so enough about my pants! I LOVE swag bucks though and think you might too! If you want to join I ask you to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use my referral link below so I get some extra bucks! Then you can blog about it yourself and get your own group of referrals, you can use their search, get their codes and be Amazon.com gift cards rich yourself!

Okay I'm not rich YET. But hey, you have to start somewhere!

Here's my referral link:

Search & Win

and here's where I say THANK YOU!

Have Fun! ~Erin

btw: this was no way endorsed, approved, or even known about by the Swag Bucks people. This is my honest to god opinion, truth and amazon.com gift card winning story. Like I said at the beginning, I'm just obsessed with them.

Search & Win

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one6ylady said...

I signed up for SwagBucks a week ago and haven't gotten used to it yet. I'm a bit confused at this blog post, because I thought it was a giveaway and there's nothing here about what is being given away or how to enter to win it.

LOL... maybe the info is the gift. :)

Erinjeany said...

hehe no giveaway. Just information on how I win great gift cards every week and you can too! :)