Ballas Houghs Band CD

I wasn't sure what to expect when I first put the Ballas Houghs Band in, but I liked the sound right away. The more I listened, the more I liked it. It's a really easy to listen to sound, one of those albums you can put in and listen straight through and enjoy. I actually listed to it 3 times through on itunes before I even realized I had even listened to it once. The songs sound similar enough to all flow together really well, but different enough to stand on their own. Its pop and dance and would be a great album to play during a party, while cleaning, or just dancing with your family/children/friends. It's also an enhanced CD with links to their sites!

Longing For, Do It For You and Break Through are my favorite songs from the album, but honestly in my opinion there is not one song that is bad. I recommend this CD to anyone who likes pop music like Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, it even sort of reminds me of Savage Garden. Even if you don't like any of them, give it a chance, you may be surprised!

This CD confirms, not only are Mark Ballas and Derek Hough amazing professional dancers (winning in seasons 6 & 7) but they are also amazing singers.


DysFunction said...

Thanks so much for your words of support! I've battled depression on and off for several years now. Although I never had postpartum depression, I think I can still relate. Let it out girl! I imagine you'll hear from lots of moms going through or having been through the same thing.

Good luck!