Notable Newness 3.1.09

Welcome to Sunday's Notable Newness... a day late.

I am sure you have noticed the lack of posts this week. and I am sorry there are many factors, good and bad, that have attributed to this. However instead of going into tons of details making this post a million miles long. I will just address each issue in the coming weeks by separate blog posts as they fit. I promise Dave, Elijah & I are okay. There's just a lot going on. Alright then onward with the goodness!

This past week on FSUTSD:

  • GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS GIVEAWAYS! If you haven't entered my current giveaways the last 2 that are up end today and tomorrow. Links are up top and on the left side to The Daddy Diaper Tool Box and a $15 lets go strolling gift card. Hurry and enter before I announce winners on WEDNESDAY! (Yes that means maybe if your nice and slip a entry in there on the closed ones that it may be accepted. Hey, you never know)
  • STILL asking for help to take our Baby Moon. So far we only have enough to maybe go to dinner. so vacation is looking bleak. Dinner will be nice though if thats all that is possible. Thank you so much to the two people that have contributed so far.
  • We had started a cyber baby shower for Alicia & Ryan to welcome baby Cayden who was due on March 4th... well he didn't want to miss his cyber shower apparently! lol....

Precious Boy Cayden Ryan made his debut February 27th! He was born 6:33pm (Pacific time), weighed 8pounds and 9 oz and was 21 inches long. He was delivered by C-section after a long and hard labor. But is safe, sound, and HEALTHY! Not to mention cute! hehe! Please send your prayers to Alicia for a quick recovery. Also pray that they know they will be great parents and that Cayden will grow up loved by so many! They are both so wonderful and Cayden is truly a blessing they deserve!

More Welcome Baby Cayden posts to follow this week!

  • More reviews & giveaways... oh yes. more. Technically to catch up you should be seeing MANY a week for the next 2 months. Yes I am that far behind still. Life happens.... when you have the most work to do. I swear its a conspiracy against me.
  • I don't really know what all is in my schedule besides reviews for this week. I promise once everything is caught up I am going to focus back on personal posts about Elijah and our family. I miss writing about nothing for a while. and I know you all love it!
  • More Elijah photos!

Other Notable Newness from around the interwebs:

  • If you still haven't seen mom faves you should! Vote for my site and add all your other favorite stuff! I still love it!
  • I was so excited to see my friend Tonya featured on Today's Creative Blog! With not just one of her blogs though... with ALL THREE! Yes... I know what you are thinking. I'm thinking it too. How she has time to keep up with three children, and three blogs FULL of the most interesting, wonderfully creative, greatest content, I WILL NEVER KNOW! She is one amazing lady! So make sure you check out the little feature on her: Tonya X 3

  • And a big thanks to Today's Creative Blog for featuring Tonya and her amazing talents!
  • Another friend of mine that's destined for greatness did something extraordinary this week too. After her first guest blogging attempt last week (that was perfect btw) that wonderful wife behind The Joe Review is now stepping out on her own and... Started her own personal blog. You've talked to her on twitter moms, you've tweeted with this awesome chick, NOW really get to know her at IT'S ME BETTY!

Tip Junkie: My favorite tip's from the week!
New Freebies!:
I received quite a few of the samples I sent for this week but I will do a bigger post about that soon. If this is your first time reading one of my notable newness posts, please read last weeks for some other really good new freebies!




Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

Ive been entering your fan-tabulous giveaways! :)

I do miss ya on twitter tho! :(

Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

o and I keep meaning to check out the tip junkie...

Thanks for the reminder!

Betty said...

I agree with Complicated Mama, I miss you on twitter. :(
But I understand why. :)
Thank you for your shout out. I'm nervous but looking forward to it. Thank you for all your support. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Erin

Thank you so much for linking me, I am really glad that you liked my underwear roll tutorial.

The tutorial is meant for grown up undies as well as kids i would have used my own but didnt want the whole world to see my undies, which is why i used my daughter's lol

Lovely blog will defintely be coming back for more