Sunday’s Notable Newness – 3/8/09

Hello and welcome to another edition of Sunday’s Notable Newness. Hope everybody had a great week. I was feeling much better as of yesterday, then this morning a horrible cold set in. I woke up congested, nose running, eyes itching. Now as long as I can keep from passing it to David or the baby, we will be okay.


I’m excited to announce I am starting a joint venture between myself and a few other moms. I have been planning it out for a few weeks now and think it will be a great way to reach not only you lovely readers of mine, but also their readers, to be able to bring you all even more information, reviews, giveaways, and great content. Together we can reach a larger audience and have a higher amount, and higher quality content. As this is just in the planning stages so far I will bring you much more information as the week progresses. In the meantime, if you are a mom reviewer and think you have something to offer, I am still considering other moms and also will be regularly featuring guest bloggers. To be considered please email me at ejsmomej [at] with your real name, twitter name, blog name and url. Also please send me the urls of THREE of your favorite reviews you have done. If you do not have 3 reviews, but wish to be considered anyway, please email 3 of your favorite blog post urls.

Last week on FSUTSD:

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  • My first vlog
  • Miss Gina Design's review
  • more reviews
  • more fun!

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The Bumble Collection Outlet!
Starting tomorrow, Monday, March 9th at 10am PST they will have a new factory outlet sale starting. This sale will run thru March 23, 2009 at midnight PST.

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Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

You're adorable and so is your blog.

I've reviewed products off and on, just because I love them. I've gotten more serious about it as I'm a Team Writer for Root & Sprout parenting magazine and I work to find great items to offer to our members and readers to review for the publication.

I would love to join you in your review mission. I'll email you with a few of my Reviews for Root & Sprout and maybe my less formal review at one of my blogs.

Night Gal!

Trendy Diaper Bag said...

He is so charming. His eyes are arresting. I find irresistible for your blog. I will keep stay.