All you can do is laugh...

Did you ever hurt yourself in a way that is SO incredibly stupid you have to laugh about it.

Don't lie. I know you have.

It's a running joke between my God Sister Beth and EVERYBODY she knows, that she gets hurt like that ALL THE TIME. So much really her nickname is Hazard. Don't even ask about the time she fell off the exercise ball wii'ing and ripped off half her ear on a tiny doll high chair all in one swipe.

Before I met Beth I was NEVER this clumsy. Now I am like queen of the E.R. These crazy accidents seem to happen to me a lot in the last 5 years... At first I thought I get hurt because I don't pay attention. and because of my poor eye sight. and because of my hearing loss. and because of my ... okay you get the point.

But now I am starting to think it's not me, its Beth! I blame Beth.

You hear me Beth? God Sister? Hazard?

I think she's rubbing off on me! You put her and I together- You better be wearing some sort of protective gear. I'm telling you. And now she's rubbing off so bad I'm injuring myself alone! I don't even need her assistance anymore! Nope! My hazard-ness is working just fine thank you.

Pshhh! Beth! Hitting me with your tree branches! :)

Well today was one of those times I hurt myself in one of those OH SO INCREDIBLY STUPID ways. Dave must have asked me 30 times HOW did I do it. I just had to blog about it. It was ridiculous.

I showered, brushed my hair, got dressed, put on my jewelry and walked over to my makeup table.

I lean on it a lot to step into my shoes.

So here I was, I put my hand down on it, full weight to step into my cute little Steve Madden Picaso Green Multi heels. (only one of the cutest shoes ever! although I couldn't find a picture and am too lazy to take one.)

You know those big flat circle earrings? Picture a quarter. Now imagine if that quarter was an earring with the post coming straight up out of the center.

yes. I think you know where I am going with this.

Just so happens that earring was right UNDER where I decided to so nonchalantly slam down my hand, to balance my ENTIRE weight, while jumping into my uber cute shoe.

It happened so fast.
uh. oh.
what the....

*runs with right hand held in the air by left hand as if it's infected with something*


*thrusts right hand out in his direction as if I am holding something so terrible i will disintegrate if I look again*

What the... ?!?!?! How in the hell did you do that?
Really?!?!?! Are you serious? It's stuck all the way in there.
*breathing heavy -trying to keep from imploding while waiting for him to pull it out*
Hold Still.

*Pulls it out*
*sigh of relief*
OMG. Thanks. I thought I was going to die.
*shaking his head in disbelief*
You couldn't pull that out yourself.
*serious look on my face*
No the shock of it was to terrible to bare.

I have a hole in my hand. it's now black and blue. slightly swollen.
I pierced my hand. It wasn't even a cute looking earring.

Go ahead.
Laugh your butt off.

You know how some things are just so bad, but you have to laugh to get through them.
Maybe laughter really IS the best medicine.


Karen said...

Erin- Thanks for comment on my blog! Love your blog. I love the yellow and blue colors!

tamara said...

At least you made the story funny.

Have a great weekend. Maybe you can get out of housework LOL

erica mueller said...

LOL with you! Hope it starts feeling better soon, but not too soon, cause mommies with pierced hands can't do dishes, or use cleaners, or give kiddos baths... this could be a nice break for you! lol
(don't let anyone talk you into wearing rubber gloves for these tasks! that wound needs air to heal! lol)

Amanda said...

You did such a great job retelling that, I had to share with my husband. LOL He is rolling with laughter.

Thanks for the laugh!

MamaRucci said...

I now know why we get along so well...LMAO. Ya know the saying misery likes company, well clumsies like company too. I went to scratch my back and as I flew my arm around (it was an agonizing itch) I slammed my nail into my lip, which then started bleeding, broke my nail, which hurt bad and never did get that itch. I blame my husband...if only he scratched my back when I had the itch!

Rachel Ferrucci

Kimberly Kihega said...

Just stopping by, I saw your following my blog. Love it! If you'd like to exchange links, please contact me!

Unknown said...

please don't ever have my nephew in the same room as you AND beth :) but i can totally understand about not wanting to look...i'm usually afraid to even move after i hurt myself because a limb just might fall off or something!