Are Oprah and Ashton Destroying Twitter?

If you twitter than you are bound to be following a celebrity or two. But is anything they are tweeting actually productive? Is it actually adding anything to your twitter network? Are you adding anything to your network?

You know when I first realized that celebrities used twitter too the first people I looked for were Kevin Smith (of Awesome) and William Shatner (hes William Shatner... I mean, really). At that point I don't think Shatner had a twitter yet, but he did soon after and those were pretty much the only celebrities I followed. Then I started to hear more and more celebrities joining the bandwagon. I remember the first time I heard Ashton Kutcher had a twitter... I laughed about it, tweeted about it, and moved on. No. I did not follow him. No, I do not follow him. I do not follow Oprah or Ellen or Obama. Why? Because Why should I? Why do I care? What can they possibly give to me intellectually in 140 characters? What could they possible offer at ALL in 140 characters?

I am on twitter to share ideas, to share my life with others like me, to help other people, to be a productive member of the network. Not to promote myself as if I was bigger than Jesus Christ himself. Sure I promote my blogs every once in a while. But who doesn't promote SOMETHING they are doing? But not all the time!

I love and appreciate my followers. I try to follow *most* who follow me. Now obviously if your tweets are not helpful, meaningful, or interesting to me, I am not going to. I'm actually really picky about my followers. I never signed up with one of those *get 1,000 followers in 10 minutes* I started on twitter at the urging of a good IRL friend of mine, @misterperturbed. I signed up and he was my first follower/followee. Looking through his tweets and followers I started to get the gist of what twitter was really all about. I started tweeting what I was doing. Thoughts of the moment. Anything that I could see being interesting to others. As time went by I started getting followed by more and more people. I was then told about this BRAND NEW group for moms who use twitter. TwitterMoms. With all of maybe 123 moms at that point, I signed up. (note: at the time of this article now has 15,119 members. wow!) I started chatting with other moms and following each other. Suddenly my network was FULL of wonderful women on stand by to give me the advice I desperately needed to get through the end of my pregnancy. My list of followers continued to grow full of moms, dads, women, men, entrepreneurs, deep thinkers, all kinds of people (and pets for that matter. lol!) and I am now at 1,904 followers. According to Twitter Grader I currently score 99.8 out of 100, I am 11th in Baltimore and 29th in Maryland on the Twitter Elite lists. I must be saying something right. Either way this list is full of some incredible people that have surprised me time and time again. Whether it be a tip or a idea to make life easier, more enjoyable, or mom questions. Yesterday I had a bad day. And do you know within seconds of my cry for help I had over 30 women chatting back with support, advice, and their sympathy. I even had a few men sympathizing. It was amazing. It was indescribable. It was just what I needed to feel better. Yes. It may just be on the Internet and compliments of convenience. But it was more than I could have ever asked for in a group of IRL friends.

On my twitter journey I have made some amazing friends. And I also have enjoyed participating in some social networking milestones. I have been here for the birth of twitter parties. You will see me at least once a week tweeting in mass amounts with some random hash tag attached. (#) Yup. that's me at twitter party probably. Especially if its a Friday night! Most Fridays I'm always with @resourcefulmom site warming parties.

You will see little music notes, some random words and a link go by. I use twitter to 'DJ' what I am currently listening to with my followers using

If we are friends on Face book you will even see my tweets in there. They automatically update my status.

Twitter is a part of my life. everyday. Even if I'm not on the computer than at least once during the day I pick up my palm pilot to update my tweeps with what I am up to.

I could go on and on. But I wont. Instead I will leave you with a few articles about twitter I've found recently.

Stay tuned for more posts on twitter and adding to your network. Thanks for reading!
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Screwed Up Texan said...

I too follow almost everyone back. I dont understand why someone would want to follow someone who has 10K + followers but only follows 10 back. But then again there is someone out there that has 10K + followers and I happen to be one of the tweeters that person follows back. Weird. And then I wonder what makes my tweets so special. They prob laugh at me...anyways...

Point is, I think Twitter is about forming relationships. It cant be a one sided conversation. Twitter is not all about me, me, me. It is about sharing ideas and forming relationships both personal and business.