Did we just get a message of warning from "BEYOND"?

Did something ever happen that was SO freaky or coincidental you wanted to fall over and die from a shock induced heart attack? Did something bad ever come SO close to happening you just want to kiss the Earth, thankful it is there to kiss?

Well that happened to us this morning. Only we didn't want to just kiss the earth. We kissed each other and the house.

For those of you who do not know, We are truly blessed enough to live in a very very big, beautiful home, the same big beautiful home I grew up in. After the passing of my grandfather it was hard for my grandmother to live here without him and even harder for her to take care of it herself. So she moved and sold the house to David & I since we were looking for somewhere bigger than the apartment to raise Eli and because of how much I really do love this house, its memories, and the future our children can create.

When I was born my Grandfather, my Pop Ma as I called him, had a broken leg. Since he couldn't do much but sit around, he spent 99.9% of my first year holding me. As the years went by I stayed just as close with him. Obviously I didn't stay on his lap my ENTIRE life, but he was my everything.

I lived with my grand parents most of my life growing up and always knew the safest place was in his arms. He was always there to love me, protect me, teach me right from wrong and teach me everything else I needed to know. The morning of July 15th, 2006 he lost his fight against cancer and passed away.

A few months went by and I went through the grieving process. I missed him, I dreamed about him, I was angry at him for leaving me, I was relieved he wasn't in pain any longer. It still hurts but now it's just the good memories. Sure I wish that he had gotten to see my son and I wish we could have spent MANY more years together. But I also understand it was out of our hands. And I have really thought for a long time hes in heaven watching over us. We even make jokes about him being in the house. We still smell his smell or hear unexplained noises. I BELIEVE WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT HE IS NOW.

Back in 2005 my grand parents decided to build on an addition to the house. They hired the contractor and the work began. It included a two story addition with a roughly 18' x 25' sun room on the top floor, another 18' x25' room on the bottom, and a beautiful deck just a bit smaller than the rooms. Sadly my grandfather never saw the finished job.

When it comes to ghosts, David is a skeptic at best. He doesn't believe in things that could have a scientific explanation. Basically he is my Scully. So when Dave woke me up this morning with "You wont believe this dream." I listened intently as he filled me in with all the details about Pop coming to him and talking to him about heaters and a fire. Dave remembered he said something too about the sun room.

This is our upstairs sun room
(pardon the photos they are from a snow day in Jan and I was being silly)

The rooms up and down both have their own separate heating/air conditioning units.
This is the upstairs one.

It's a wonderfully powerful thing with its own thermostat. It will kick on and run even if the main heat or air is off and is strong enough to regulate the whole upstairs. It's never had any problems. We've never worried about it. I mean would you worry about a 3 year old unit in a 3 year old addition?

Apparently Pop was trying to tell us something. What was it exactly wasn't clear. But after discussion we figured out he had to be talking about the sun room heater.

But what made Dave choose to believe something from a dead person from his dream?

Dave got up. He went out into the sun room. He looked at the unit. Turned it on. Turned it off. Was thinking he was right. It was just another silly pointless, meaningless dream. He didn't see anything until...

Wow. That could have been REALLY bad.

It could have caught fire so quick. Who knows what could have happened.

I was talking to Dee about it and she said "Don't think about the bad that could have happened just be grateful everyone is ok."

Boy is that true.

So what do you think?
Was this my Pop trying to warn us?
Or was it just coincidence?
What else could tell Dave to check that? His paternal sense/ need to protect his family maybe?

sheesh. Thank for reading guys!
Thank you Pop/God /whoever else might be influencing these events.



Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

I don't believe in coincidence. Someone warned you. Whether you want to believe it was God speaking to Dave as your grandfather or your grandfather himself watching out for you, someone is on your side. :) Doesn't that make you feel good?

Tonya Staab said...

I don't think it's a coincidence at all. I think you have an angel watching over you and protecting you.

Thank you Pop.

craftymamaof4 said...

Wow, definitely not a coincidence! Thank God for Pop Ma

ResourcefulMommy said...

Oh, Erin, that's incredible! That surely would have caused a fire! And soon! Thank God that your grandfather chose the right one to come to - the one who would take it so seriously because these things don't normally happen to him!

Nothing is chance. That is incredible!

God bless you guys!

Erinjeany said...
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Tatiana @ averygoodyear.net said...

I do believe the spirits of our loved ones watch over us. My family calls each other routinely if we have weird dreams or feelings. it's just the way we are :]

You are very lucky. I had a house burn down when I was younger (we all escaped safely, but we lost EVERYTHING) and it is still such a sad memory. Still, it wasn't even a home with such a history behind it as yours.

Erinjeany said...

More comments I received on twitter:

@xenotees: That gave me chills! WOW!

@melvinferrer: crazy story.. I have heard many stories similar to that and it far beyond coincidence..

@Kiq2: wow. You sure lucky!

@linkismyhero I read your blog. WOW...that is some crazy stuff right there!!!!! I am glad you guys checked the receptical. It's gone bad.
Glad everything is ok!!! AND WHAT A NICE PLACE!!!!!

Brea said...

I truly do believe it was your Pop Ma telling Dave he's watching out for you three.

Personal experience, I've had several dreams I've been burned alive, each time I have one of those dreams, wiring in whatever house/apartment/trailer I've lived in has ended up shorting out/circuits have fried.

This is definitely one of my favorite posts from you.

Your Pop Ma still loves you.

Lis Garrett said...

Wow! I just got chills!

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...
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Screwed Up Texan said...

Oh wow, that is startling! Glad he listened!