Elijah TV: Brought to you by Flip Video & YouTube


I finally have all the bugs worked out so that I can upload videos of Elijah. So I have made him a YouTube channel!

Before I give you the link I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Pure Digital Technologies and Jamie at Commstrat PR for making this possible.
All the videos that will be featured on Elijah TV and here will be shot exclusively using a Flip Video - Flip Ultra!

Flip Video is the size of my cell phone and light as can be! Don't believe me? Elijah holds it and takes video of himself! HAHA It has got to be the easiest video camera to use ever too! I'm sure it won't be long before he will be doing that too! With one touch recording, I am surprised he hasn't figured it out already!!! It even has a zoom!!!
tvsetWith 2GB of memory it holds 60 minutes worth of video and you can playback instantly with another press of a button, even hook it to your tv and play back! Plug in the cable and hit play. That's it!!! Great for sharing with family! I love that I can delete straight from the camera too if I want. Not like there are any bad videos of Elijah. But videos of me are another story! hehe!

Flip has a GREAT microphone and picks up the lightest sounds. Which is really good when Elijah 'whispers!'

Now when it comes to getting the videos FROM the camera TO the computer I was a big skeptical on how easy it is. First of all let me give you a little background. I would consider myself advanced when it comes to video production and editing. It's actually something I studied for years and is part of my digital design degree. I have used professional video equipment and can use programs like Final Cut Pro without even thinking about what I am doing. Second nature. But to give you an idea of HOW easy this was, it made my Sony Handycam seem professional.

tvsetYou know how with our old camcorders you had to make copies of the big old tapes to share by hooking two VCR's together and recording over. and over. and over? Or with the hand helds you would have to figure out how to record the 8mm tapes to the big tapes and later DVDs to share and then do it over. and over. and over? , or with the mini dv ones you have to STILL buy a separate DVD burner and make dvd copies... and all that. And if you decided to hook one of those cams to your computer.. ugh. the time it took to import, then edit, then upload, or burn. or whatever.

Well FORGET ALL of that. Now look at that nice little computer your on RIGHT NOW reading this from. Does it have a USB port? Okay. you're all good then.

The flip has the usb built in and it flips out at the push of a button. plug it in. whats that coming up on your screen??? It has built in software???? Oh yes. It does my friend. It does. It has a lot built in.
Click and install the software then get ready to save, organize, watch, and edit those videos right there on your computer. Now it DOES take time to save them, to edit them and to then upload them. BUT TRUST ME, having worked with professional video and omgosh the time to import the video (real time mostly) then to edit and compress the huge file took HOURS! This took me close to an hour to import, edit, and upload an 8 minute video. BUT like I said. Trust me. That is SHORT. and it wouldn't have taken that long except I was playing with all the features. Adding music and making stills were just a few of the options!

So say you want to share the videos? You can upload instantly to YouTube, MySpace, AOL Video and many other websites, all with the click of a button. I used YouTube and just inserted my account information when the window popped up and it did all the rest of the work for me! It also lets you email videos easily! Even allows you to make photo greeting cards! NEAT?!?! Huh? I thought so!

I definitely recommend Flip Video if you want to take videos anywhere and share with ease!

Visit http://www.theflip.com for more information!

Okay! Now back to Elijah TV. To start with there are only 4 videos, but I promise to add to them as much as I can. As long as I can get him to stop looking at the camera every time I get it out. LOL! Every time I go to tape what hes doing, he stops and wants to play with the camera instead! But I hope to share lots of new videos. I will try to post them all here first! Debut them in style! hehe But feel free to visit as much as you want.

AND HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Is Elijah reading a catalog. lol!

****note: its a bit dark because there was only 1 tiny lamp on by us. The flip does better in high light but actually does surprisingly well in very low light.***

And here is Elijah reading 2. I was trying to catch him reading aloud. It was hilarious.

***note: i snorted laughing. lol***

Wondering what Elijah is laying in???
It is actually a 1965 carriage that was Daves in 1969, after being used by Elijah's Aunt Cathi in 1966 and then later used by his Aunt Jen (who apparently wasn't fond of it) in 1977. Elijah LOVES it. But I will tell you more about that after this video of him playing in the first night parents brought it up to him. Don't mind Dave & I talking. lol

So do you agree? Seems like he likes it right? Yes! Loves it. He enjoys laying in it and being pushed around inside and out and loves to sit in it all cozy and fall asleep for his naps. Even though I told you not to listen to what we were saying in the video did you catch the part when we were talking about him being on his knees soon. Well it already happened. He got up on his knees and was standing up! So unless we are watching him LIKE A HAWK he can't play in it as easily anymore. You turn your back for two seconds to send a tweet and look back and there he is up on his knees and pushing to stand. Silly little monkey thinks hes just going to walk right out. LOL And wouldn't surprise me in the least if he did. For 7 months he is a genius I'm telling you. But I'll tell you more about the carriage and how smart he is in another post. For now I want to share one more video with you.

Elijah was napping and rolled to his back. A sure sign he is going to wake up. I haven't uploaded the quick video I took of HOW he naps yet. But I will do that soon. You will laugh. But I wanted to record his waking up. Especially after I looked over at him and realized he was dreaming. These cute little smiles kept coming across his little face and I thought it was too much to resist. Make sure to pay attention to the little sounds 'words' he says when he wakes up. He whispers them at first, so you might have to rewind and turn up your speakers if you miss it.

Well that's all I have for now! But like I said stay tuned for lots more to come, on Elijah TV!
Thanks for reading!
...and watching!


TilliEllie said...


Hello! Because my email can be so unreliable sometimes, I hope you don't mind my asking you to re-email your address to me so I can send you the prize you won on my blog (tilliellie.blogspot.com).

My email address is: njedic@comcast.net

Thanks so much!

Dee said...

You seriously have the cutest baby ever! And I love his little camper. So cute! And I love the quality of the videos!

Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! He is so so adorable!! LOVE the reading the paper!

Tara @ Feels Like Home said...

He is so cute! I love the videos! :)

Brandy Ellen said...

That looks like so much fun! I need to do that with AJ and Karter because my MIL lives over 2 hours away and we never see her but once a year maybe two times a year! The poor boys never see their Grammy!!

I have a FLIP so need to figure this out to make a channel for them!!

Great & thanks for sharing!! He is too cute!!

Savvy-Motherhood said...


Tara said...

I got a flip!! i love love love it! my family loves it too! they can finally see my kids for real instead of just pictures... too much fun!

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

I have one of these too! Well, Wal-Mart's generic High Def version but otherwise it's the same thing!

To totally handy to have in your purse! Or anywhere for a quick video and upload!

Perfect for blogging too! :-)