#HoppusDay - Todays Twitter Trending Topic Explained

So were you confused by one of the trending topics on Twitter yesterday and today?

While relieved to see Swine Flu or #swineflu pushed from number one, I laughed to see #hoppusday in its spot. As soon as I saw it I knew it had to have something to do with Mark Hoppus.
(Photo owned by them: Tom,Mark & Travis- Blink182 )
If you don't know, Mark Hoppus is an awesome, down to earth, fan loving, social networking, musician. He's most known as being part of Blink 182 & +44.

Well as it turns out a lot more people think hes awesome than I realized. (Even though hubby INSISTS that only 10 people in the world besides me have ever heard of these no name celebrities. lol. hard headed.)

To honor Mark a Brazilian Blink 182 fan site, Action 182, came up with the event to show him some fan love!

http://www.action182.com had this to say this morning: (translated by me first of course since its not in English)
Mark is thankful to Action182 and Brazil for #hoppusday. In only 3 hours #hoppusday entered into the Top 10 of the Twitter and still is. With that our beloved Mark was thankful to Action182 and Brazil for support. "

To see the full story about #hoppusday on Action182.com They are
here -http://www.action182.com/home/noticias/action182/hoppusday-no-twitter-dicas-e-imagens/
and here - http://www.action182.com/home/noticias/action182/mark-agradece-ao-action182-pelo-hoppusday/

Oh and If you don't speak Portuguese, use a translator, like babelfish, to make it easier. lol

Want to show Mark Hoppus some love even if you missed celebrating #hoppusday?
Visit his site: http://www.himynameismark.com
Follow him on twitter: http://twitter.com/MarkHoppus
Add him a favorite DJ on Blip.fm: http://blip.fm/MarkHoppus

oh and yes. the blink 182 summer reunion HAS BEEN CONFIRMED if you missed that memo! woo!
Follow Tom DeLonge: http://twitter.com/tomdelonge
Follow Travis Barker: http://twitter.com/trvsbrkr

The creator of #hoppusday & mind behind action182.com, @shikoaugusto messaged me a few hours after this post was up. He let me know all about the upcoming events he has planned! I hope you will all follow him and celebrate these coming days:
#barkerday Next Sunday May 10th
and then #delongeday the week after that on May 17th,
and then he is currently planning on ending May 24th with #blink182day
please follow @shikoaugusto to keep updated on this as it evolves and make sure to send him so RT & # love to get the word out! Help him to get back to a number 1 trending topic!
And stay tuned for more updates on the days, who they are about, and why this should be a number one trending topic! ~Thanks!

(btw this post was in NO way sponsored, endorsed, or even known about by Mark Hoppus, or Twitter. It is however known about and approved by action182.com only after the attention the post received. )