Wild Harvest Snacks Review

Heart The healthiest snack on the block - With Wild Harvest Organics

Growing up when I heard the word 'organics' I automatically thought of two things. Expensive and Gross. We had our own garden where we grew our own chemical free fruits and vegetables. All it took was earth, water, sun, seeds and love. I had tried the organics here and there but they just didn't taste as clean, fresh or tasty as ours. It was at that time I swore I would never try another organic product.

When I heard we were going to get the chance to sample Wild Harvest Organics I was a bit skeptical, but intrigued at the chance to try some organic products again.

The first batch of products we received was so exciting it was like Christmas. We opened the carefully packed box to be faced with some beautifully packaged food. The labels are appetizing, with the food photos in the forefront, crisp, clean and simple. Right away the products visually draw you, temping you to taste them.

The first thing we did was try their juice pouches while we were looking through the other products. They sent us Grape, Cherry, Strawberry Kiwi, Fruit Punch. The only problem was the straws are moderately difficult to insert into the pouches. Would be very difficult and possibly messy for children.

As soon as we got the straws in though we were pleasantly surprised on the taste. It had a cleaner taste, but was not the bland juice we were expecting. It tastes sweet and delicious. I definitely recommend this juice for your children and yourself.

The next products we tried were the Chocolate Chip Bite Size Cookies and the honey graham teddy bear cookies. The Chocolate Chips were not too hard or soft. Just right and better in our opinion than the popular brands. The Honey Grahams were my favorite. As a big fan of graham crackers and the Teddy Graham brand, I am officially converted. These are not only 100% natural, they taste that way! They taste clean and tasty! These would make a great snack for the kids!

Vanilla Crème Sandwich Cookies
REALLY surprised us! My best friend normally will not eat any of the Crème Sandwich Cookies, but he took one of these out of the package and didn't stop! The creme is so... well its CREAMY! It's smooth, its silky, it tastes so sweet and I know I keep using this word over and over, but it tasted CLEAN. I have never noticed how much you really taste the additives in food. These Wild Harvest products just taste the way the products should!

Later that night I was looking for a snack and saw the Golden Round Butter-Style Crackers. I was going to cut pieces of sharp cheddar to put on them, but before I could begin I tasted one of the crackers alone. WOW! It's so buttery and delicious. I noticed they seemed to taste even BETTER for some reason if I ate them top (buttered) size down. I don't know if its because of the taste buds on my tongue or because the flavoring is so more intense. Or maybe I am just weird. But I thought they were great that way.

The last thing we tried was the Butter Microwave Popcorn and the Original Microwave Popcorn. The butter was good! Didn't taste too buttery or salty, but the Original is officially our new favorite brand of popcorn. It tastes just like the air popped popcorn we used to eat as kids. It was so delicious and tastes SO MUCH better than any of the microwave popcorn we've ever ate.

Overall our experience with the first batch of Wild Harvest products was enjoyable, delicious, and nutritious. I highly recommend their brand and no longer have the impression of organics that I did. I'm glad it was Wild Harvest that turned my opinion around. I can see kids and parents loving these snacks together!

Thanks you Wild Harvest for giving me the opportunity to try your brand! Thank You as well to MomKnows!