Wordless Wednesday 8/12/09 - Pirates??? In Baltimore???

This Wordless Wednesday is brought to you by JEN!
Why you ask?
Well... because I'm sure you're getting tired of camera phone pictures...
and hers were just better anyway. LOL...

so without further ado, Happy Wordless Wednesday!
(which is incidentally FULL of words this week... oopps.)
It all started with this...
The shot glass that is, not Jen's toe.

That is Jen... and that is ME! Being the very caring sister she is realized how desperate I needed a night out. SO lucky lucky me was invited to join her on Baltimore's very own pirate ship, Fearless, to celebrate her friend Shana's birthday! This was my VERY FIRST night out since... well since basically before I was pregnant! So OVER a year! Woo hoo!
yeah... we know we're hot. but thanks for noticing! ;)

Here is a view of the ship, docked off of Thames Street in Fells Point!

Before you board you check in and get your awesome shot glass necklace like I was wearing the first picture! Oh did I mention its B.Y.O.G? Bring your own GROG! How awesome?!?! right?

Once you get on you get some pirate garb, a vest and belty/shashy thingie (i can't think of what they're called. lol), a pirate name and a pirate tattoo! We were re-named Evil Erin and Jumpship Jen.
My tattoo says Urban Pirate Princess and is all sexy with a pink pirate. Yeah, you know you want one.

The ship then makes it's way around the harbor on an hour cruise! There we are right infront of the Baltimore Aquarium! You can see the Hard Rock Cafe towards the left!

During the cruise there is other fun things to do besides see the sights, act like an pirate and drink! You also get to talk like a pirate, play fun games like a pirate dance contest and limbo.
Note: I only went under the limbo once... any lower than that and I would have risked spilling my beer. That would have been not very Aaargh-wesome.

You even may encounter some enemy pirates! But don't worry, you can fend them off with the ship's cannons!

Thanks SO MUCH Jen for a great evening out! Was so much fun! And thanks to the crew of Urban Pirate's for such an awesome pirate adventure right here in Baltimore!

I highly recommend this to anyone who lives around or is coming to visit Baltimore! For more information on going on your own adult or child cruise visit Urban Pirate's website: http://urbanpirates.usHappy Wordless Aaarrrrgghhh Day!
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Note: This post was not paid, endorsed or sponsored by Urban Pirates, I was just a normal every day guest on this adventure!
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