oohhhh.... Makeup!

I was putting on chapstick today and realized there is a little something about me many people don't know.


But I don't wear makeup often. I don't have to really with my stunning blue eyes and my luscious pink lips....

yeah anyway. I probably wear makeup less than 25% of the year. I save makeup wearing for special occasions, during times that I am in need of covering blemishes, or times I just want to feel a bit better about myself. Besides everyday wear can actually HURT your skin! Srsly.

The times I do wear makeup you might not even notice anyway besides my lipstick. But yes, even though I only wear it 23% of the year, I absolutely LOVE it! I love matching color palettes! I love matching those color palettes with skin tones and hair colors! oohhh... pretty!

So now that you know my girly little secret I wanted to share a few of my favorite things in my makeup cases. yes... cases! hehe

My absolute favorite makeup, thanks to my grandmother, is Estee Lauder! Their products may be expensive but last FOREVER and are beautiful! I own tons of everything from them to generic and I have to say by far I love them the best!

My favorite lipstick is their Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick #186 Tiger Eye! The picture [to the left] just DOES NOT give it justice! It's a matte but it has so many tiny gold shimmers in it, it looks like it could be a gloss. Sometimes just for kicks I even apply a dab of clear gloss over it, but it seems like overkill. I absolutely ADORE this lipstick. and I have another little secret about this. I keep 2 tubes. 1 for my lips and the other I use a very fine lip brush and apply a thin coat to my eyelid after a bit of light light brown eyeshadow. It gives my eyes just the bit of sparkle they need and just the bit of color to match the lips. Great look for a night out!

Their 'More than Mascara' in Rich Black and tons of EL eye shadows are staples in my makeup! (Which reminds me... I'd love to try their new Aquamarine Metallic shadow! SOOO pretty!)

Besides everything Estee a few of my other favorite makeup staples are:
As for things I don't like... I haven't found many. The only thing I have found was that some of the makeup direct sales I haven't been totally happy with.
  • I have tons of Avon which is cheap, comes in great colors but you may have to reapply after a few hours. But otherwise I love it and would still recommend it.
  • Arbonne is all the expense of a high end makeup company, but I haven't tried enough to be able to give it a fair grade. What I CAN say is that I received one of their Prep & Plumps as and gift and WOW it makes my already pretty full lips look even more so and gives them an awesome shine.
  • The only company I've ever brought from I was actually disappointed with is Jafra. I have some of their blushes & eye shadows... honestly they are okay, but not great. Definitely not worth the price! I don't recommend them at all.
No matter what makeup you use, I am sure you have all heard this, but always remember the old LESS IS MORE! Seriously. I saw some of the pictures of you ladies that went to Blogher and got your makeup done professionally... yeah. A few of you seriously looked like some street girls I've seen in the city. yes. that bad. Maybe it was the lighting, or the camera flashes, or it was just put on WAY TO THICK and/or DARK! Your makeup should look natural, like you aren't wearing any. Ask your husband which way he prefers you! 9/10 will say with no makeup. Learn how to put it on and him not notice you're wearing it! If he can't notice, nobody else can and it will seem like natural beauty. Only you know it's enhanced.

Alright now that I rambled girly for 20 minutes I am going to do something a bit more constructive! hehe

Do you have a favorite thing in your makeup case? Comment or tweet me! I would love to know!
Thanks for reading!

(this post was my personal opinion! none of the brands named had anything to do with this post, nor my opinion on them.)


Alicia @ refinedisaiah648.blogspot.com said...

Hey Erin..Is this lipstick a natural looking color?? I am always looking for some lip color but dont want anything to bright, I need soft and natural..

TexasBobbi said...

My favorite lipstick is Pink Beach by Clinque, it is a natural color. I have been wearing it since high school. I also love Clinque's moisture sheer tint. You took this post right out of my make up bag by the way, I have one in the works.

Erinjeany said...

The only real natural color I listed there was the Jane- Hardly Honey. I will have to look and see what other colors I have that I think you would like Alicia.

I do agree with Bobbi that Pink Beach by Clinque is really pretty http://www.clinique.com/product/CATEGORY4903/PROD8997/Makeup/Lipsticks/index.tmpl
Adore U is my favorite nude Clinque color but I am loving their special edition Bamboo pink. Really pretty looking I think both would look really good on you.

LOL Bobbi! Great minds think alike! <3 Let me know when you post it!