Our little man is ONE today! :::tears::: It went by so fast. It's hard to believe that this time last year I was in labor awaiting his arrival. My perfect angel was born at 3:20 in the afternoon. So tiny, helpless. So cute. I held him so tight wrapped up in that blankie. I kissed him so gently as I cried tears of joy. He looks bigger and older everyday. He does something new constantly. He is so happy and loving. I couldn't have asked for a better son. I just wish time could slow down a bit more. I cherish the time so deeply.

Baby's first year, my how it's flown
Look how you've changed. Wow! How you've grown
You've filled out heart with so much joy
We're so very proud of our little boy
Both Mommy and Daddy and all your family too
Wish Happy Birthday especially to you
As every day passes and we watch you grow
Our love will be constant we want you to know.

Mommy loves you Elijah!
Happy first Birthday!

(Poem by Pauline Oliver)

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