Steampotville by Steve Ouch

SteamPotVille is a brand new book by Steve Ouch, that sparks the imagination and leaves you viewing its pages for hours, only to see something new each time! From the moment I heard the premise of the book I was intrigued!

'Everything seemed normal in SteamPotVille - a town where animals live in teapots and birdhouses until one day when you wake up everything gets out of hand and the adventure begins.'

Just the cover image alone lures you in, tempting you to view it's pages. The photography and art is amazing! The story is fun and whimsical. Obviously I cannot say enough great things about this book!

The first time Elijah and I sat down to read this his little eyes lit up! He was smiling and laughing and pointing at the colorful pages. I can't tell you how long we sat there looking at each page. I couldn't believe how much detail Steve put into the images. You never know what you will see!

This is a perfect book for children and adults! For toddlers the pages are full of wonderful images, perfect for a game of I-spy. For older children the words are not too complex for beginning readers and for the oldest children (and adults) the book is just plain fun!

I give this book 5 stars for originality and creativity and highly recommend it!

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I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Steve Ouch for providing Elijah and I our own copy of Steampotville. We absolutely LOVE it! It is one of the first books Elijah pulls off the shelf for story time!