Temple Touch Mini Thermometer

If you have ever tried to hold a wiggly baby and try to get an accurate thermometer reading you know how difficult that can be. With some babies it is next to impossible. With Elijah we had tried at least 7 different thermometers in his first 8 months. We tried ear, under the tongue, armpit, and forehead. We eventually just came to terms with the fact that we would never get a correct temperature until he was 10. That is until we got the Temple Touch Mini Thermometer.

I was skeptical at first and worried it would be just as hard and inaccurate as the rest. When it first came I opened it up and read the directions. Hit the power button and wait for the beep (about 6 seconds). Place on temple and wait for the beep (about six seconds. Ta-Da! Your reading will be on the screen.

At first I tested it on my best friend. It was quick and accurate. He was a perfect 98.6. Then he tested it on me. Perfect. Then came the REAL test, Elijah. I showed it to him first so he didn't try to look at it when I was doing it. He smiled and laughed so I went ahead and did it. He didn't flinch or pull away. He just sat there smiling. He let me take his temperature! Honestly it's so quick I don't even think he realized I was doing it. We have used the Temple Touch quite a few times since. When Elijah did have a slight fever it worked great. It was nice to be able to check his temperature in his sleep too! I worried the beep might startle him, but he didn't even notice.

This thermometer is not just for babies. It is good for older children and even adults. It's so easy to use and since it only comes in contact with the temple you don't have to worry about covers and germs. We wipe ours off with an alcohol pad when using it on one of us that is sick. It would also be easy to replace the battery when it is needed.

I give the Temple Touch Thermometer 9 out of 10 hearts.

About Temple Touch: The Temple Touch Thermometer is a conductive forehead thermometer that provides the convenience of a non-invasive temperature reading with the accuracy of an oral thermometer. Using Medisim’s innovative R.A.T.E.™ technology, the thermometer provides accurate detection of the core body temperature using conduction in just six seconds by touching the thermometer to your temple. The Temple Touch mini recently won an iParenting Media Award in the baby care category.

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Buy it: The Temple Touch Mini can be purchased at Walmart for a very affordable $9.94.

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