Toddler Surprises

You really never know what a toddler is going to do. I had tweeted that this afternoon after an interesting diaper surprise.

I figured, 'oh well the bodily function surprise for the day has passed'. But no. That wasn't the case. Why would it be? That my friends, would be TOO EASY. And life with a toddler... ahem... life with a boy of any age is never easy when it comes to bodily functions.

It all started with this a few days ago.

Elijah kept running to the toilet any time he realized the path was clear or the door was open. No idea why. I don't think he even knows what this thing is for yet. Dave and I joked that maybe he was asking to be potty trained. Joked. Not serious. He is only just one. I don't even recall WHY I took the picture of him running in there.

We went on with our normal everyday routines and completely forgot about the whole thing until today. I am sitting here, minding my own business, playing Farmville. Dave had walked upstairs to the kitchen. Elijah had been taking his afternoon nap when I heard him say 'Mama' over the monitor. I figured Dave was already upstairs so he would hear him and get him. Elijah continued talking and I could hear him playing with his crib toys. Then he got quiet again and I heard Dave cough in the background. It was silent for about 30 seconds and then I heard a quite peculiar noise before Dave suddenly shouts over the monitor 'OH NO, oh no, OOOHHHH NNNOOOO!' I was jumping out of the chair to run up there as I hear him start to laugh and say 'Mama, we need you up here. He is pee...'

That's the last bit I caught before ascending the stairs. I went up them so fast I think I totally skipped the landing in the foyer. I ran down the hall to see Dave laying Elijah on the changing pad, his diaper all ready half off. I can see a puddle on the floor at the head of the crib. I immediately started chuckling knowing what had happened.

Apparently Dave had heard Elijah making an odd sound as he was exiting the bathroom. He said it was sort of like when hes sucking on his pacifier. The squishy sound, then he heard a sound like liquid pouring and ran in, assuming he was dumping out his sippy cup. When he got to the door he realized that wasn't the case at all. That's when he yelled for me. Elijah stood at the end of his crib, diaper half off, head on the rail pad, looking so relaxed and PEEING off the end. Yes, that's right. He had his little thing right between the slats letting loose! Dave said he didn't know what to do but let him finish, I mean, picking him up would have just made the mess worse. I totally agree. Elijah doesn't have much of an aim yet, but picking him up mid stream would certainly not help.

Dave picked Elijah up and laid him on the changing pad. His diaper was DRY. Well, of course. Why would it be wet? HE TOOK IT OFF TO PEE! Miraculously Elijah himself was dry too. Not even a sprinkle.

Dave and I were cracking up. I mean what else could we do? Of course the first thing I had to do was tweet about it.

Then I realized 140 characters was way too short to share this story. I had to take photos... and blog it.

So I documented the damage, then Dave & I cleaned it up. It was all over the end of the crib, the end of the mattress (this is why plastic mattress covers are a MUST), the breathable bumper, and the floor. It mostly pooled under the leg. Good lord there must have been a gallon! Things were so soaked!

We laughed the whole time we cleaned up. We couldn't be mad at him. We were reminded why we need to make sure he is wearing shorts or pants for bed. Then I remembered the whole toilet thing. Is he really trying to tell us something? Potty training may not be many months away if he keeps this up.

Maybe he's just trying to keep blog content fresh and interesting. LOL!



Beth P. said...

How amazing would that be?! If he was ready to be potty trained? Smart boy you have there!

Anonymous said...

Oh the great times having boys. You just brought flashbacks of when my boys were babies/toddlers and would "get me" everytime I would change them, I swear they would save peeing until I was in the middle of changing them and then play carnival games with me, like trying to shoot the duckies, lol

Now that my 2 girls are the younger ones, I dont have those troubles anymore ;) THANK GOODNESS !!!

These are great times, thanks for sharing and bring back the memories ;)

TexasBobbi said...

Too cute.

Kenzi @Mackland Diaries said...

LOL, life with toddlers, always an adventure!

jen pyle said...

what a goofball!