Allstate's X the TXT: Thumbs Up to the Safest Holiday Ever

The holidays are one of the deadliest times for teen drivers. To combat this epidemic, Allstate has established,THUMBS UP TO THE SAFEST HOLIDAY EVER! Created to save the lives of teens this holiday season and to benefit NOYS, each person who joins this cause and pledges not to text and drive, Allstate will donate $1 to NOYS for teen safe driving programs, up to $25,000.

NOYS is a collaborative network of national organizations and federal agencies that serve youth and focus on youth safety and health. Through this network, NOYS influences more than 80 million young people ages 5 to 24 and adult advisers and supervisors. Their vision is to be the premier national youth health and safety coalition and their mission is to promote youth empowerment and leadership and to build partnerships that will save lives, prevent injuries, and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among all youth. NOYS is a longstanding leader in developing programs to promote youth traffic safety.

How you can give a Thumbs Up to the SAFEST HOLIDAY EVER:

Frequent family discussions about safe driving behavior is key to a safe teen driver! Fill up on some of the facts and then talk about them together often! Visit to go to Allstate's website to download the Allstate Family Texting Pledge and start the conversation about responsible driving with your family!
  • Reaching for a phone while driving increases your risk of being in a car crash by nine times.
  • By pledging not to text and drive, you’re doing your part to help make this the Safest Holiday Ever.
  • The deadly consequences of texting while driving don’t just affect teens; it also affects their families, friends and communities.
  • We’re asking teens and teen influencers around the nation to take their thumbs off their cell phones and keep their eyes on the road.
Allstate's "X the TXT: Thumbs Up to the Safest Holiday Ever" campaign challenges teens and parents alike to make the pledge not text and drive. By joining the cause at, you're pledging to put your cell phone down behind the wheel. As part of the campaign, a 30-city "X the TXT," tour kicks off this holiday season during which teens and their families can add their thumbprints to a pledge banner as a public commitment not to text and drive.

I gave my thumbs up! Did you?

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post.


Christi said...

happy tuesday! sounds like a good cup of egg nog {with maybe some bourbon} and movies by the fireplace are in order.