If you're dreaming of a white Christmas...

... you should be at our house!

The snow started Friday night and went strong until about 1am Sunday morning. It was still flurrying around 3:18am, but has been stopped since about 5am. All in all we got about 3 feet at our house. They declared a state of emergency so luckily people have been off the roads. The road our house is on is a snow emergency route and IT is barely passable. We watched a few cars slide off Saturday morning. They have been plowing and salting all day but it's just so much snow and it's so cold that it's not going anywhere.

I took pictures through out the day and had been tweeting them. If you want to look back at them you can see my twitpic account, http://twitpic.com/photos/erinjeany. That was up to about 10 hours ago. I will be taking new ones tomorrow with the good camera to share exactly how much we really got!

I took a few tonight including the one above.

Here you can see the snow covering our other car. It's a Ford Tarus. Not a small car.
Here you can see the snow covering our Christmas lights in the bushes. We dug the walkway out after I took this. Those lights are actually about 2 feet deep. They are the big bulb kind and actually melted the snow around themselves and made little caves under there. So neat how they shine through.
Will share more after the sun comes up! :) Happy Snowed in Sunday!


Unknown said...

Holy moly! You sure are having a white Christmas here, while I am not a fan of snow it has been so cold that I almost wish we would have some so it would have a reason to be so cold LOL.

Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

3 feet?~?~ Thats just craziness. .. we got maybe 16"-18"

Those lights look so cool buried beneath the snow

Ms. Sarah said...

Enjoy your white christmas. These picutres just made me realize I so made the right choice moving south ;). I hope they get you cleared up soon. have a great night