Make lemonade

I review products. I give positive and negative on the products. Sometimes there is no positive.

Due to a current situation a woman was thrust into the lime light. She just happens to be an author of a book.

I found the book. I reviewed the book. My review had nothing to do with my opinions of her or the current situation.

A person claiming to not be her and having nothing to do with the situation has used the negative opinion I left as their basis for attacking me. I wrote an open letter to them earlier this week, which you can view here.

Last I checked everybody was entitled to their own opinion. Positive or negative. Apparently it is not so.

This person has now taken the time to contact sponsors and friends to try to discredit me and prove me to be unethical. I have nothing to hide and those of you who know me, know that. I DID post a negative review on this book. I even did it under my own review account and name. As for the review itself, maybe it was a bit harsh. But it is my opinion and I am entitled to it. I post negative feedback. Up until now most companies I have worked with commended that.

I was just going to ignore her and let her go away, but I thought to be fair I should post her letter and share it with you all since she went to so much trouble to write it and might have missed someone. Here is her letter:


I am writing to alert you to someone who states she has a "relationship" with you. I do not know in what capacity she represents your company.

Erin Pyle from the website, "", has entered a Twitter fray by posting a bogus "review" of a book on She does quite a good job of being vague in the details of her review. She is also very savvy about her deception--she reviewed two other products on the same day, hoping it would appear that she had a valid reason for signing in to Amazon reviews.

When one clicks from her Amazon page to her web page, as I did, there is a post about the person for whom she has taken up offenses. To be clear, Erin Pyle has been caught up in someone else's fight, and taken it a step further, in hopes of harming her "enemy", the author of the book.

Here is a link to Erin's "review", and the comments that respond to it:

I question the unethical actions of Erin Pyle, and I hope that, as a representative of your company, you question her actions, too.

Thank you."

As for the review being bogus. She has no proof of this. Want to check the book out for yourself? Amazon will let you view some of the first pages.

As for claim I am just trying to 'harm' the author, I would like to point out that one negative review is not going to harm her if she is in fact worthy of positive ones. Thank you for giving me the credit for thinking that my one review to her many good reviews would be that influential in harming her.

Whether it's politics or social issues or whatever, we can be on different sides and still succeed.

You go your way, and I go mine. And we both have our own thoughts that cannot be swayed at the end of the day, and that's okay, believe it or not.

We are ALL entitled to our thoughts, good or bad.

I would like to also thank the person for their opinions because it made me remember that you have to take the good with the bad. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Something we all learned when we were children.
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