Open letter to my harasser

First of all I want to thank this person, who seems at this point to have 17 different names, for taking the time to visit my family blog and to openly threaten my child's life and others both here and on amazon's reviews because I :::GASP::: posted a negative book review.

I would next like to point out that just because I have a child AND just happen to have a parenting blog (among many of the places I write) it does NOT make me just a 'mommy blogger'. And just because I left a negative review does NOT make me a cyber bully. I was just a person who ended up a target of some weird agenda by someone who obviously cannot handle criticism.

If you look back in my amazon reviews you will see Mrs. Mcgraw's book is not the first negative I have left. I actually left one for Black and Decker when I was not happy with one of their quick start battery chargers. But did they retaliate with hate and ignorance? No. Why? Because instead of freaking out that someone didn't like their product, they took my experience and used it to create new products that fit the needs of the consumer better.

If you are this upset about my negative comment (about a book you claim to not even write or haven't read) then don't you think you should do something constructive with this energy and figure out ways that Mrs. Mcgraw could use my negativity to help her writing improve?

I am not going to play this immature game with you. Which is why I refuse to argue with you in the comments of of all places. I ask that you please leave my family alone and drop all matters that have to do with us or Mrs. Ross from your agenda. My relationship with any other person you have targeted is also none of your concern and in no way affected my review.

I did not 'gang' up on you or Mrs. McGraw and I don't want anything to do with you. I will gladly erase my review if I knew it would make you go away. I also have nothing to do with the comments left on my review or here by other amazon users. Don't you think if I was just doing it to be 'mean' I would have done it under a alias or fake amazon account? Not my real account? Come on now.

Oh and one last thing, for someone who complains about people spending too much time on the internet, you sure are on top of things as soon as someone leaves something negative.


Unknown said...

Standing ovation to you. I despise cyber bullies.

Ms. Sarah said...

sorry you are having to deal with such a negitive situation. Hope they leave you alone. As far as I knew we had the right to freedom of speech. So I would assume that ment Negitive reviews too. I personally like to know the good and bad of a product.

Hope they leave you alone soon. Have a wonderful sunday =)

TexasBobbi said...

Dude I must have had my head in the sand I have totally missed this. I am so sorry you have been dealing with this. Do you want me to kick them where it hurts for you ;).

Anonymous said...

That woman is ca-razzy!