Tackle it Tuesday - OMG CHRISTMAS IS IN 3 DAYS AND I'M NOT READY edition

You know I haven't participated In Tackle it Tuesday since... Well actually I HAVE participated. I just seem to forget to take the before and after pictures for the posts.
And today was no exception. lol

There is so much to do before Christmas. I felt so on top of things for months now. Christmas shopping was DONE since we bought the very last thing on our list the first week in November. All the decorations were out of storage sitting in their boxes in the family room, the tree was standing (naked but standing) and the Christmas music was all loaded in the ipod waiting to be played.

So we finally decorated, did the tree, listened to the Christmas music, and were a week away from Christmas when 2 things dawned on me.
  1. I totally FORGOT 3 people we would be seeing at Christmas we needed to have something for.
  2. CHRISTMAS CARDS. durr. I forget these every year until last minute. I swear I am filling out next years cards and putting them in our 'to be mailed' sorter now.
So here we are now 2 days until Christmas Eve. We are snowed in. And by snowed in I mean we have 2 to 3 feet deep snow the entire 130 foot length of the driveway. We are all sick with a horrible cold. Elijah has SIX teeth coming in, all about an eighth of an inch through. I still am missing 1/2 the part of the gift for those 3 people. And still have not mailed a single Christmas card.

I did manage to 'wade' my way through to get the mail and then yesterday Dave cut us a path down, which was nice. But I have a sneaky feeling we are not going to be done in time. I shoveled for an hour and managed to get done our front walk. Well sort of. Dave finished the rest and shoveled for about 3 hours. He got about a 7 x 7 square done, plus the bath down the driveway, plus another path to the mail box. That alone is a TON of snow.

SO. We plan to tackle the following today:
  1. Clean Elijah's play area.
  2. Organize hats/gloves/scarves into over-the-door hanging plastic pockets.
  3. Straighten Elijah's room.
  4. Clean the kitchen.
  5. Clean the living room upstairs and rearrange all gifts.
  6. Straighten family room downstairs.
  7. Wrap remaining gifts.
  8. Pack all gifts that are going with us on Christmas Eve/Day.
  9. Get in the attic. Get out curtains I need and put the 30 boxes of things Elijah has outgrown up there.
  10. Figure out how to get out of the driveway. WOO 4 hours later! All snow is GONE! Dave & I alternated shoveling. We both ache now.
  11. Do the 3 2 1 loads of laundry that seemed to have mysteriously accumulated since yesterday.
  12. Put together ingredients and prepare to make a few 'dessert' gifts we are giving. (I have to make those on Wednesday night)
  13. Pack Elijah's diaper bag for holiday travel.
  14. Figure out how to get to the bank.
  15. Figure out how to get to the store to buy the last part of the present for the 3 people. Going tomorrow morning.
  16. Keep Elijah from having too many teething melt downs.
  17. Get rid of our colds. (Sanitize, Sanitize, SANITIZE!)
  18. And somehow finish and mail these Christmas cards.
I know there is probably more... but I don't want to think about it. I'll update you on my progress later by crossing things off as they get done!

Happy Tuesday!


Susie said...

Good luck with that HUGE tackle list:-)