Wordless Wednesday - My little camera ham

Today's Wordless Wednesday is actually pretty wordy... lol

Elijah is a camera ham. He wants his picture taken so much it could be his job. Luckily for him one of my jobs is to take his picture.
The room that his play area is in is actually a 21 x 25 room. His play area takes up half and we have a home office on the other half. I could take a better picture of both sides but I already synced my camera for this post. hehe

So anyway... to divide the room we have a couch and then a long wooden gate/fence. You have probably seen it in some of my pictures... often.
Often if I am at my desk and Elijah is playing he will decide he wants me to play with him, so he will bring a toy or object he is playing with over to the fence. If I don't get right up that second and come over the fence to play he will throw the object over our side. It has become a little game now. We sit and throw the ball back and forth, stuffed animals. Anything that is safe to throw. Many times the little face he gives me while standing on his side is so adorable I have to take his picture. If he even senses the camera is near he will then strike a pose with whatever object he brought over!
I have seen him stand still for 3 minutes because he doesn't think I took a good enough picture. He will screech for me to take another and another until I get the shot HE wanted.
Then he walks away so I know picture time is over and I can come play with him now.
Sometimes he will be doing something cute across the room and I will try my hardest to pick up the camera quietly to snap the picture before he notices.
It's very rare I actually get the picture without him noticing the camera and jumping up to run to the fence, and if I do it's usually only with my camera phone which is obviously blurry at best.
I take AT LEAST 5 pictures of Elijah a day. Most of these pictures never get posted or printed and are just archived on disk after disk. I don't think the one picture a week on Wordless Wednesday is enough. I need to find more creative ways to share some of his pictures.

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


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