Cheerios Prize Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win my Cheerios Prize Pack!

I also want to say SORRY to those who saw any of my spelling mistakes in that post. lol! That's what blogging while tired and not using spell check can do to you. Even I was shocked to see some of the words I had spelled wrong! LOL!

ANYWAY! Enough of my rambling! I calculated the votes and double checked every one's entries! I couldn't believe the determination a few of you had. You did AMAZING on extra entries. I used to pick our winner.

and the winner is...


" Jamie said...

Follow you on twitter and tweeted:

January 15, 2010 11:48 PM"

Congrats Jamie! I am emailing & tweeting you now! And thank you to all who entered!


Jamie said...

Thank you so much! I am so excited! Yay!

Robin said...

he is soooo adorable..hope his pain is gone..I thought I followed you the other day..but I now I am..Have a great day..!

Anonymous said...