Elijah Update

January is already zooming by! I need to start sharing all the milestone things Elijah is up to again! (bad mommy writes them down in his book, but doesn't share them with all his fans. lol)

  • Elijah LOVES his playroom and he really plays now. He is so imaginative and creative.
  • He also loves to try to get into things when he thinks no one is looking. Everything mostly is baby proofed but he is so smart he finds ways to get around it. Example: Toy screw driver to pry out the safety outlet cover.
  • He climbs EVERYTHING! He gave Dave a scare the other day by climbing over the BACK of the couch. We have a couch that helps us to keep Elijah in his play side of the room. Its the couch, then his gate. Well he used a toy that was behind the couch and climbed up over. Dave looked over and there Elijah was sitting on the couch playing with the wii-mote. We are SO glad he didn't fall but it was funny. I re-arranged his play area to hopefully keep him from being able to climb too much. He apparently isn't happy with that so he re-arranges any of the bigger toys and furniture he can manage to push himself. Which brings me to my next point....
  • Elijah is STRONG. Stronger than you would think. He makes changing a poop diaper when he is in a poop mood impossible. Which brings me to my next point...
  • Temper Tantrums. They have begun. The wee riggid body flop is getting old. fast. As long as he isn't in danger of hurting himself we ignore him while he does it and he mostly stops within minutes. If we try to stop him or consol him or :::gasp::: give him a time out, he goes on for HOURS. So I let him throw a fit THEN we discuss why his behavior was wrong and other ways he could have handled it. I understand he doesn't know how to handle anger yet but I think explaining that emotions are okay and teaching ways to handle them now will greatly benefit him when he reaches :::cough cough::: the terrible twos and understands more. Some of his anger is not because of pain though. Which brings us to....
  • Elijah STILL has 6 teeth coming in at once. The top front 4 and the bottom outside 2. That will make 8 teeth total! They are just coming slow! (They started through in October!)
  • He loves to sit and read even more now in his little reading corner in his playroom. He now holds the books (mostly) up the right direction, reads left to right, and even 'talks' as he reads. I think he is reading them to his animals! So cute. He does this for up to 45 minutes at a time!
  • He loves to take baths still! He now 'swims' in the big tub though. He is too big for his baby tub. He started that in October, but now we do it all the time. He is so funny with his splashing. He also loves to scoot around in the water!
  • He is starting to really grasp using his spoon at mealtimes himself. Well sort of. He turns it upside down before it reaches his mouth a lot and tries to 'dip' more then 'scoop' the spoon. He loves to dip crackers into whatever soft foods he is eating and I think he thinks using the spoon is the same concept. so I blame myself for teaching him that. lol
  • He also loves to sing and dance still and is even better at it now! We love it!
  • He can run, walk, walk backwards and hardly ever crawls anymore.
  • He makes animal noises. Some of his favorites are a pig and he makes a snorting sound and a cow. He's got a great "MOO!" lol
  • He says TONS of words. The newest are duck, eat (before he just signed it. now he signs and says it) and nose (while sticking his finger in it). His favorite words are yes, nose, dadda, juice, milk, and eat.
  • 'dika dika' is also a favorite word. Although we have no idea what it means. lol
  • He now says complete sentences. Mostly babble but with real words thrown in. You can tell by the pattern and rhythm of the sentences he really has the form to speak the sentences, just doesn't know the words yet.
  • He pointed to his diaper without us asking tonight. Usually if we ask him if he needs changed or a new diaper he will point to his diaper. Tonight he came to his fence and was pointing to it himself for a change.
That's all I can think of now. I PROMISE! This will become a regular update again! :)


Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Our little girl has recently discovered the walking backwards thing and it is super funny to watch. She thinks she's so cool! lol - It's a riot to watch.