Free makeover and profile photo!

Do you need a new more professional photo of you to use online? I know I do, and I hate to say it, but MOST of you do too. I see a lot of photos that have bad lighting, too much make up, or the person just looks weird.

Your photo online is your first impression and tells the viewer A LOT about you. Whether you are throwing up gang signs, making kissie faces, looking emo, using props (such as a drink, guns or laptops), including other people such as your children, ANYTHING in that photo is making a statement. What kind of statement is it making will help determine that first impression.

Do you want to be considered professional? Then pictures like this probably won't fly:

Yes. I know I am funny and adorable. But wouldn't you feel different about me if you had first seen that picture instead of this one:

Point made. Right?

There is a lot more I can say on this subject but I will save that for another post. I just wanted to share this great opportunity for some of you to get a new photo to use.

Estée Lauder is giving away complimentary makeovers, a free photo and a 10 day supply of foundation! You have to book an appointment but it's absolutely FREE! I LOVE Estee Lauder and think this is a great promotion.

Right now they have two dates listed in TX and CA but they will add more as the event travels.

For more information please click here to visit Estee Lauder's Store Events page.

Disclosure: I was NOT compensated for this post in any way.