Tackle it Tuesday - Dave's computer covers

This Tuesday since I haven't fully recovered from being sick I wanted to share something I tackled a few weeks back.

Dave is away from his computer quite often and with him getting a new computer monitor from his parents for Christmas I wanted to come up with a solution to keep dust/babies/etc off of it. It also tends to get a bit chilly sometimes in the room if we are out so it will help keep it warm as well.

I took a yard of camo fleece Dave really liked I had tucked away in my fabric stash and this is what I came up with...

The monitor cover is fitted right to size for the monitor and goes on from the top. It is snug fitting, but not too snug.

For the keyboard cover you just slid it in...

... and the mouse just slides in as well. It's like a little mouse sleeping bag! hehe

They were obviously really easy to make and it only took me a few minutes. Measure, cut, sew.
Dave LOVES them and puts them on his computer every night. He cleaned his keyboard really good before using it and it is really helping him keep it dust free!

If you want more info on how to make these for yourself let me know! :) It's such a simple solution to keep your computer monitor and peripherals warm, cozy and dust free!

♥Happy Tuesday!
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