Tackle it Tuesday -Elijah's Christmas Album

We are not yet a month past Christmas but already it feels like it was months ago. The trees and decorations are still up but the presents have all been put away into their new homes and the un-decorating process has begun. The only thing I haven't done at all yet is POST about it and scrapbook it. Usually I don't get to scrapbooking the past Christmas until... wait. Come to think of it LAST Christmas' scrapbook isn't complete yet... yeah. well. ANYWAY.

Every exciting occasion in Elijah's life so far has been documented and mementos saved. It may not be pretty, but even if it's a scribbled note on a napkin, it will be saved to 'translate' into Elijah's life scrapbook goodness. Christmas is obviously no exception. I managed to save at least a piece of EVERY different type of wrapping paper used on his presents this Christmas. Why this insane paper collection you ask?

To make his Christmas scrapbook of course.

And instead of having 20 gift bags stuffed with used wrapping paper, bows, cards and tags shoved in our storage room waiting to be sorted or tossed, this year I sorted it all on my dining room table right after Christmas.
  • I put all the gift bags and tissue paper in the wrapping paper bins to be re-used next year.
  • I put all the tags in a small bag so I can pick them out for the scrapbook.
  • I put all the bows and ribbons in a bag to be picked through for scrapping and then the rest will be put in my bows/ribbons to be reused.
  • I put all the cards together with a rubber band to be put into our card books. (I actually got the card book idea from Dave's mom! She did some for Dave when he was a baby.)
  • I cut pieces from the wrapping paper to use for the scrapbook and then threw the rest away.
In the end I was left with one small bag instead of those 20.

This morning I sat down and sorted the paper again. This time in order for Elijah's Christmas scrapbook. I tried mostly to use the wrapping paper from each person on a separate page, but sometimes if they gave gift bags I used a different paper from another person. I started cutting and gluing this morning while Elijah was still asleep. Here is what I have done so far-

The cover. The basic album was from Target's $1 section. I ALWAYS buy at least 5 every time they offer them! lol I use them for EVERYTHING! The stickers are from Oriental Trading's 2008 after X-mas sale. The little rhinestone jewels on the left side are from my craft stash but came in a bag of assorted ones.
First set of pages will be our family Christmas photo on the left (the small photo of Elijah from the front has to be put on first before I can do this page) and then journaling about this Christmas will be on the right. I will journal what we did for Christmas, etc. Basically sum up the whole holiday.

The second set of pages will have a photo of us and then a photo of Elijah from Christmas morning with his gifts. The journaling will include a list of all the presents we gave him and a bit of detail about our Christmas morning.

This 3rd set of pages is wrapping from the presents from Dave's Parents. Elijah's Grandmom and Granddad. These pages will include the cute tags they put on his presents, a photo of them with him on Christmas, a photo of him with their gifts, and detailed journaling about his Christmas with them.

The fourth set is Elijah's Aunt Jen. I will do the same for her pages.
And his Aunt Cathi & Uncle Mike.
And his Grandma (my Mom) & Pop & Uncle Neil.
And Godmother-Aunt Beth.
His Aunt Donna & Uncle Rob. His Aunt Pat & Uncle Bill. His Aunt Dolly & Uncle Jim.
His Great Grandmom Pyle. His Great Grandmom Holste.
His Uncle Buzzy and Aunt Shayna. His Aunt Mary.
And there is still a few blank pages for people we still haven't gotten to see including Elijah's Great Grandmother (My Granny) his great great Grandmother, and a few friends of ours.

The back cover isn't going to be much more than this, but this is what I have done of it so far. :)

It may not look like much yet, but believe it or not, that was 2 glue sticks worth of gluing. (I need good glue suggestions! What do you guys use?)

I started on the journaling already. I will print it out on our laser printer using Avery's Glossy Clear Permanent Multipurpose Labels. That way when I rub them on the paper you will still be able to see through. If it's a case where the black text might get lost on the paper then I stick the clear sticker to a piece of velum and then glue down the velum. Then it doesn't take away from the design and change the flow of your eyes like bright white does. You can still see the background watermarked under the text.

I will show pictures again when I get more done! :)

Happy Tuesday!