Wordless Wednesday - Still Teething

So with Elijah STILL cutting through those 6 teeth after 3 months they seem like they are almost completely in. It is funny to see how quickly his emotions change during the day when the pain comes and goes. He switches from sweet, lovable and snuggly, to silly then to cranky. I try to give him some Tylenol when he gets to the silly point because I know it's only a matter of time before that silliness turns to blood curdling screams. Once he has a little medicine in him he seems to be fine again and usually sits down to read. Once his mouth starts hurting less I can tell because he will start to read out loud. It's so adorable! I wanted to get a picture of his teeth tonight before bed but his mouth hurt a lot today so I didn't want to bother him. He has some days he is fine all day, but others he is in pain all day. Poor little guy!

Happy Elijah

Silly Elijah

Teething Pain Elijah (30 seconds till meltdown)

Recently medicated ElijahAlign Center

All better and pain free Elijah

Happy Wordless Wednesday!
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