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First of all, As you may know I am one of Walmart's More Than Elevenmoms. They are conducting a survey about your local stores and would love for you to be a part of it. It's only 7 questions long, only takes a minute, is completely anonymous and your thoughts will be taken very seriously! It's their way of trying to listen to you, the customer, a little better. You can take the survey here:
Thank you so much for your participation!

Blogs & Posts
  • If you're a blogger I highly recommend checking out this post:20+ Useful Desktop Blog Editors I personally have tried many of these. If you use Firefox I recommend checking out the Scribe Fire add-on blog editor. It's so simple and great. (This post was actually written it in. As I find links for Notable Newness during the week, I save them in a draft in here. So easy to add to whenever the mood strikes without having to open blogger.) I also recommend (since most of you are Windows users) checking out Window's Live Writer. As much as I am Team Apple, that is a great blog editor with so many options.
  • Here is an awesome idea for your kids favorite Valentines cards from classmates from Feels Like Home Blog!
  • I found an AMAZING design blog while surfing around. Design is mine is one of my newest favorite blogs! The author, Summer, shares her daily finds in photography, art, typography, vintage, modern design, and handmade goods. You should definitely check it out. Her latest post interior inspiration: like a story. is SURE to inspire.
  • The Hidden Art of Camouflage Photography - This is so awesome! The work that goes into this! wow!
  • Have you ever seen anybody make art in a cup of coffee? So neat! Check it out here.
  • This article on how you should 'ignore expiration dates' has definitely won the award for 'worst article of the month.'
    My advice on it... Smell your milk, freeze your meat until the day you are going to use it, and use COMMON SENSE. Obviously don't be like the guy in the article eating 7 year old canned chicken. Yes, canned goods last longer, but seriously. 7 years.
  • Cookies Kids - Specializing in Children's & Infant's School Uniforms, Urban Fashion & Baby products, Cookie's has become known as the World's Largest Kids Department Store. GREAT prices! I added tons of their stuff to Elijah's wishpot wishlist! You can also follow them on twitter @cookieskids
  • little odd forest - 'frest, fairytales & wanderlust inspired oddities for all mankind...' Totally cute stuff! I added quite a few things from this shop to my wishlist! (Note: Yes the shop does only accept SGD but if you pay with paypal it auto converts it from USD. Use a conversion calculator like this one to determine the price in USD)

Note: Notable Newness post content is NEVER sponsored. It is stuff I find on my own while surfing the web that I think you would enjoy.


Amanda Tempel said...

Hey. I saw your post on my blog where you said you saw some of your Twitter followers were following me because you Tweeted so I really wanted to say thanks again! :)
Oh and also I just have to say you have the cutest baby boy ever ^.^.
Talk to you later.