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First of all I wanted to say Edy's Slow Churned Samoas Girl Scout Cookie Ice Cream is amazing. SERIOUSLY amazing. We got some last night after I *squee'd* all over the ice cream isle in Wegmans. You should have seen me. I seriously did the happy butt dance so exciting that another girl in the isle got just as excited and had to buy some too. Oh and apparently according to Dave just because the slow churned is 50% less fat and 30% fewer calories does not mean you can eat an entire carton. oh darn. Well at least he is helping me to ration this carton to last more than 10 minutes.


Second, sorry about the Wordless Wednesday *fail* today. That was my fault. I didn't bother to schedule the post or remember it was Wednesday. Who remembers days of the week anymore? psh. I have a palm pilot to keep track of those things for me. I will make it up though!

Anyway. I was finally sorting through some of my Logical Media Affiliate Network emails and found some great offers I wanted to share. Not just because I get a few cents if you actually do the offers, but because these are offers I have actually done myself and have enjoyed or benefited from.

My only piece of advice before I begin is that if you don't currently have one, get yourself a second email address to use exclusively for samples, free offers, etc. OH and if you sign up for a survey company.. or 10.. have another email for just surveys. It keeps the clutter/spam/junk out of your personal email and makes it easy to find/delete/ etc. I have like 10 emails I use for different things. I have had people ask me isn't it annoying to check 10 emails everyday. Well no. I only check my personal and business emails. The survey one I check when I'm in the mood to do surveys and the free stuff ones, etc I only check when I am doing something and need to. It's really making you LESS work so you're not sitting there deleting spam from your personal account all day. OH and I also recommend using gmail for your free email. Their spam fighting filters and tools are miles ahead of yahoo, hotmail, etc.

Okay enough rambling, on to the offers. And like I said *Disclosure* these are all ads through an affiliate program I belong to, so I DO make a few cents when you hit submit joining one of the offers. Not per click, per JOIN. BUT like I said too, I have used every one of these below and 100% honestly have enjoyed some aspect of them. I WILL NOT share something I wouldn't use myself.

{{Psst...Are you a blogger? Do you want to get affiliate offers like this too to share and make some extra $? Then fill out this form and enjoy! Logical Media has quickly became one of my favorite affiliate companies.}}

On to the fun!

I get Website Magazine through this company right now, but have gotten others in the past. There are some really good ones you may have not heard of before.

I signed up for Baby to Bee when I was pregnant and it allows you to sign up for other offers like American Baby and Baby Talk magazine all at once. Saves time finding offers. You can say yes or no to like 4 pages of offers. I highly recommend getting the free subscriptions to American Baby and Baby Talk magazines. They are great!

I also signed up for this one. It has many of the same offers, but a few different. You can never have too many freebies!

I LOVE coupon sites! It's so easy to print the ones that are offered I need and match them with store or newspaper coupons. It's so easy to stack them up too at stores that let you double up. You can end up with dirt cheap or free items. Some cases can even equal money BACK! The following coupon sites I have used and printed from at least 10 times.

Coupons Inc.

I love free samples and have used this site many times in the past to get them.

DEFINITELY use that second email I was talking about. Lots of emails, but if you participate a lot the rewards will add up quickly.

Just one of the MANY survey companies I belong to. I haven't done any of their surveys in a while, but when I did it didn't take too long to save up points. It wasn't the fastest or my favorite, but it wasn't the worst either. I exchanged for American Express gift cards but they also offer cash for points.

Win prizes, influence companies. Through Nielsen. Haven't participated enough to say one way or the other.

Entertainment books can be good or bad depending on where/how often you go out/shop. Most people save the amount they spent on the book within the first 1 or 2 months. There are amazing coupons in them. Especially having children, they can save tons of money.

Dr Seuss
Now this offer I haven't personally tried yet, but I love book clubs. Maybe read the fine print and see if it would be worth while. :)

I downloaded this today but haven't installed yet. I LOVE Family Feud though so I hope it rocks.
I will update you if I have any problems.

Well there you have it! I hope you find some offers that will benefit you! :) Let me know how your experiences with these companies go so I can share your feedback too!

Thanks for reading!


Brandy Ellen said...

Ki is a girl scout so girl scout ice cream sounds awesome. I like Logical Media too!

Great deals!

Brandy said...

That's cool! Thanks for sharing, now get on over to my blog and see what I Have waiting for you: