Mailbox Monday 3.29.10

Another SLOW mail week! Maybe my mailman took a vacation??? Odd. Anyway~

This weeks freebies!

  • CBS Watch Magazine. Free subscription can be found here.
  • Parenting Early Years mag came from It's no longer being offered but you can see their other current offers here
  • Free sample of UnderJams nightwear. These will be nice when Elijah starts potty training! You can pick from boys or girls in two sizes. This sample is still available here.
Giveaway wins!
Sorry about the picture! I turned the flash off so it didn't reflect on the box and then forgot to turn up the iso. ;)
  • I won Elijah the limited edition 10th Anniversary Sponge Bob Kooky Klicker from It's Me Melbie. It's so adorable and even came with a special certificate about it. It is number 225 out of only 1000 that were made. Elijah loves Spongebob, so I know he will love it! I will be giving it to him with his Easter basket to go with his growing Spongebob collection!
  • The tin is the 2nd mailing of our 6 months of cookies I won from an Twitter contest two months ago. It's through We get 2 pounds a month, a pound of each new flavor. They are SO tasty! This month we got a soft, chewy delicious Oatmeal Raisin and a Macadamia White Chocolate Chip! This is definitely the tastiest thing I've ever gotten in the mail and highly recommend them!
Review sneak peek!
Coming up I will be featuring a story and review about Cottonelle's new softer and stronger tp as well as talking about the results of the big Roll Poll debate I posted about a few months ago!

I will also be sharing a little bit about Yoplait Greek yogurt and that awesome prize pack you see in the picture thanks to Yoplait and MyBlogSpark. I can assure you there will be a giveaway so you can "Nourish Your Inner Goddess" too!

Thanks for reading! What awesome free stuff did you get in the mail this week?

    Comment below with your Mailbox Monday post and then check out A Frugal Friend for the full Mailbox Monday linky to add your post and check out others!



    Brandy Ellen said...

    This is pretty cool! Feeling under the weather at the moment, AJ has been rough due to lack of sleep but we are making it slowly but surely through our rainy Monday! ((HUGS))

    Amanda Tempel said...

    Hey Erin,
    I wanted to let you know I looked in to joining the Mailbox Monday but Im not a couper or a freebie getter so I didnt think it was really for me.
    I just wanted to let you know I did look into though from your suggestion :)

    Debra @ A Frugal Friend said...

    Not a bad week...really! Besides, slow weeks are usually followed by AWESOME weeks. :-)

    Thanks for the sneak peaks! I love reviews!

    Thanks for joining in on Mailbox Monday...looking forward to getting to know you!

    Amanda Tempel said...

    Hey again Erin,
    Congrats on your wins, That Spongebob Klicker sounds nice. Getting something so special.

    I have been wanting to do something to my blog, like make it not so bland(like the background) But I really want it to be unique to me. Like something with rats, and I have no idea how to make one. So I was wondering what you charge to do something like that. Or if you even do that ( i know you made the banners and things but I dont know what else, and I figured it couldnt hurt to ask)
    So let me know what you can do and if you can help I already have some ideas :).
    Talk to you soon.
    -Amanda T

    Anonymous said...

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    Jocelyn - said...

    Thanks for sharing your mail with all of us! (I happened to stumble across your website from your business cards giveaway.)

    I like the concept of Mailbox Monday. Maybe I'll start writing about my mail on Mondays to keep myself organized. The way I've been doing it currently on my website is mostly random.

    I just finished blogging about the mail I received the last 2 and half weeks in March.

    My blog is called Eliminate Full Price if you're interested in checking it out :)

    I look forward to reading your Mailbox Monday posts :D