The question burning on everyone's mind...

rubber duckieElijah has a slight obsession with ducks... It's the only other animal he holds as high as the precious moose.

It's 7:15 on Tuesday evening and Elijah is doing what he is usually doing at this time, playing in his play area. He is smiling at his Daddy (who has been pretty sick, so he hasn't gotten to play with him) so happy to see him and share his toys with him. He loves to show him stuff and so he is bringing him his one stuffed penguin. Out of the blue Elijah looks at him and asks, VERY loudly, but perfectly clear...

" Is a penguin a type of duck??? "

I think we are both were practically rolling on the floor laughing. We have no idea where he came up with that. Like I said above, he LOVES ducks so I guess he was just hoping they were related! lol To top it off, Elijah stood there with his arms out in that familiar question form, facial expression and eyes in a priceless pose, waiting for an answer!

Dave composed himself and told Elijah that penguins are not in fact a type of duck, but they are more like both types of birds. He told him he was very close though and good job. Apparently Elijah was okay with that answer because he then started laughing with me (who still hadn't gotten over his question.)

I have a feeling that was only the first of thousands of serious questions that will be asked during the next few years. It's just hard to believe my baby toddler, not quite 17 months, is asking full sentence questions!!!



TexasBobbi said...

Dude I am proud of that question. What a smart man.