Wordless Wednesday 3.31.10

Elijah loves ducks! They are a close 2nd to his favorite animal, the moose. The week before last when we were all sick we couldn't get out to get milk, diapers, and things so Dave's parents brought us some of the necessities we needed. Elijah was thrilled to see his Ma-muck and Da-Duck (yes, that's what he calls them. He made it all up himself! lol) for a few minutes and was tickled when he realized they had brought him a special treat to make him feel better.

3 Duck cookies! or Duck gooks as he so fondly called them.

He ate the first one that night and you could tell he instantly was feeling better! I was just glad he was eating SOMETHING after not wanting to eat much for days. He actually even picked a little at dinner after he ate his cookie!
He ate the second one a day later for dessert and then the third was a day after that for snack time. He thought they were the best cookies ever!

Happy Wednesday!
And have a Happy Easter!

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