Wordless Wednesday - Elijah loves hats

Elijah has always loved playing with his daddy's hat. A few months ago he realized his granddad (who he calls DaDuck) wears a hat too, so Elijah always would have to try on his hat as well. Elijah owns a few winter hats and soft hats, but had never had his own baseball cap yet. He had an outfit that came with one but his head is apparently 'youth' hat size. His toddler hat didn't stand a chance! But luckily his 'DaDuck' came to the rescue and surprised Elijah by bringing him a hat home from work just like his. Elijah can't get enough of the hat. He wears it at least an hour every day. He will pick up the hat and put it on, then come over to me smiling and say 'DaDuck.' He is so happy with his hat! He is cutting his molars for the last 2 weeks and has been so miserable. Luckily the hat seems to make him forget about the pain momentarily if I ask him to "Go get the hat that DaDuck gave you and show me how cute you look in it." He will put it on and stand there grinning at me! :) He does look so cute in it!

Happy Wednesday!

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