Wordless Wednesday - 4.14.10

Today is a very special day.

21 years ago today I was blessed with the best gift I could have ever received from my parents besides my own life, a brother.

My little brother isn't so little anymore.

Happy 21st Birthday Neil!
We love you!

Without Neil, my life wouldn't be complete.

I wouldn't know the joy of sibling love... or the joy *cough* of sibling rivalry.

We wouldn't have gotten to spend endless hours playing together. Building lego towns, block towers, and all the fun things kids build. Going on adventures, vacations, amusement parks, reading together, playing outside together, playing games {you KNOW we was pimp with them Pokemon ;) }, even doing chores. I wouldn't trade a second of my time with him for the world!

I wouldn't know the immense feeling of love I felt the first time he held Elijah. Or every time he comes up to see him. I also wouldn't know the huge feeling of pride and love I felt the other day when Elijah said Neil for the very first time after looking at his photo.

My life also wouldn't contain so many inside jokes.

I could own purple undergarments, I would not feel guilty about the scars under his lip or in the back of his head and I wouldn't know what things like this mean:

"Yes they come with the little pants and the little hat. They come as a set. From sears."

"This is Neil. I don't care."

"I dont know man, being an elf sounds like something you should do in private!"

"What the Five?"

Without Neil, My life would have been boring!

Thank you Mom for giving life to this brother I love so much.
Thank you Neil for being my brother and for loving me too! Happy Birthday, you adult you! xoxox

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