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One of my favorite things in school was always the field trips. I couldn't imagine my son, Elijah, never going on a field trip, but sadly schools are eliminating field trips more and more. The American Association of School Administrators released a report in 2009 estimated that more than 30,000 schools will eliminate field trips just in this school year alone!

Field trips are one of a kind, hands-on experiences that will benefit our children for a life time! They can help kids experience things they would never get to in the classroom and allow them to enjoy learning in a fun and exciting way! Lunchables Lunch Combinations thinks all kids deserve to go on field trips they will remember and cherish forever; they have pledged to help children have that chance with the launch of their new program, Field Trips For All!

All children deserve a field trip! I just can't imagine not having them. The video below is of an Alien Field Trip that a group of 5th graders from Los Angeles took to Columbia Memorial Space Center. This is just one example of the types of awesome field trips that children can experience. I know I would have loved to take a field trip like that. What about you and your children?

Want a chance for a child you know to experience a field trip like that one? Nominate a deserving classroom by going to Anyone ages 6 years and up can submit nominations! From all nominations received, 50 classrooms will be selected to win a extra special field trip.

Since Elijah isn't old enough yet for field trips I don't know about around here, but did your children take any field trips this year? If so, how many field trips total will your children go on this year and where did they go? Have the amount or quality of the field trips gotten less or have they already been cut totally? If they have already been cut, why not have them nominate their classroom!

Visit them on the web at: Field Trips For All Contest open until June 1st so hurry and enter your nominations and share with your friends!

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