Recession, Recovery & Store Brands

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A recent survey conducted by the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) on Recession, Recovery & Store Brands says that eight out of ten U.S. supermarket shoppers see no improvement in the economy, and forty percent say things have actually gotten worse in recent months.

A few years ago we cut back to a smaller supermarket budget ourselves due to the economy and honestly we have yet to see a change. The cost of groceries seems to be climbing higher still. Luckily we have gotten pretty smart when it comes to food shopping.

We had been testing out store brand versions of products even before our budget reduction in hopes that we could get more for our money. It turns out we weren't the only ones. 62% of consumers plan to buy more Store Brand products as they deal with the tough economy. It has saved us so much money!

We weren't just worried about saving money though, we didn't really want to sacrifice taste and quality. There were some brands that were harder to switch from than others. 43% of shoppers are trying Store Brands for the first time in categories where they used to buy only national brands. We are part of that 43% for sure! We have compared ingredients, compared taste, texture, color, and were surprised to find that not only did most taste great. Many tasted absolutely the same! We even noticed some are packaged and processed in the same exact place as the national brands. 49% of shoppers say that their new Store Brand selections compare “very favorably” to their national brands! That's up from 35% in June 2009!

A good portion of our normal items such as canned goods are now all store brands. We also had switched Elijah's formula back when he was still an infant to Parent's Choice when we realized how exact the ingredients were to a national brand. We saved at least $500 last year by switching formulas! Before switching I even spoke to his pediatrician about it. She said many patients she sees have been switching to it or even started their babies out on it, and she agreed it is just as good! Currently 57% of shoppers identify themselves as frequent buyers of store brands! That's an all-time high!

Considering 97% of shoppers who switched to a Store Brand are happy with their new choice, how could you not give it a try?

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Corine (@ComplicatedMama) said...

I was shocked when I learned about the generic vs. brand being exactly the same!

Unfortunately, I found out after laina' was off formula.