Thursday 13 - Elijah's Favorite Things

I haven't participated in Thursday 13 in some time on my other blog, but I thought I would try it out here for a while, Elijah style! Hope you enjoy!

13 of Elijah's favorite things!
(just a random 13 of them. in no particular order)
  1. Snack time! - Goldfish crackers, ritz bits, and crackers in general. bananas, strawberries, pears, and fruit! Cookies!
  2. Music & Dancing! - He loves to dance! Put on music or music videos and he is in heaven!
  3. Drawing and coloring!
  4. Ducks! - Any ducks. Pictures, stuffed animals, on clothing, toys. Anything ducks.
  5. Moose! - He has a stuffed pillow pet moose he can't live without!
  6. Eeyore! - He calls him E E!
  7. SpongeBob! - He calls him Bob Bob.
  8. Family! - He is always talking about us, Mama, Dada. He talks about Dave's side of the family calling them Da-Duck (Granddad), Ma-Muck (Grandmom), Cat-tee (Aunt Cathi), Unca Mick (Uncle Mike), Azshen (Aunt Jen) and as of last weekend Jah-Dee (Uncle JD).
  9. Talking! - He loves to talk and is always going on about something. He has some funny words he has made up too. One of my favorites is Shuk-ah: We think it's a type of dancing or otherwise happy activity.
  10. Bath time! - He calls the Mubble Baps (Bubble baths). He will "swim" for hour let him.
  11. Reading! - He loves to read or be read too. His favorite books right now are object picture books. He is really good at them. He can name all his animals and make their sounds. He can name so many basic objects. He can also start to point to the numbers 1 -5, colors, and some letters of the alphabet. We are working on it! :)
  12. Clocks! - He loves them. No idea why! lol
  13. Dancing/Singing toys! - He loves the stuffed animals and toys that do the dancing and sing. He has many of them too! He has like 5 of the Hallmark holiday ones, 3 that sing 'If you're happy and you know it' and many more! One of his favorite things is to line them up and than hit all the start buttons at once, then dance to them all.
Happy Thursday! Thanks for reading!

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