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If you have been a reader on this blog for a while you probably remember me mentioning Touch'd Bath and Beauty before. I LOVE Touch'd! I use the sugar scrubs like they are going out of style! My legs have never been so smooth! I started using Touch'd right after Elijah was born. There is nothing better than a nice warm shower with Touch'd every evening after a long day with a newborn. The aromas relaxed me and helped me refresh my batteries. They still do!

"Sugar Scrubs exfoliate the top layer of unwanted dead skin cells and open pores, allowing skin to breathe. They stimulate your skin, improve circulation and add much-needed moisture and vitamins, leaving your skin feeling smooth and silky as if you just left the spa!"

Sugar scrubs are not the only product currently made by Touch'd though! There is also Tub Tea Bags, Foaming Salt Soak, Bath Butter, and Moisture Myst, all in some delicious flavors! I have tried the Almond Puff and smelled the Tropical Paradise and love them both!

Touch'd productsNot only is Touch'd one my absolute favorite companies, it is also one of Elijah's favorites too! Rachel makes an awesome oil mixture in the sugar scrubs that clears up his eczema seemingly over night! In fact Rachel invented the first Touch'd products when her daughters were young to help with her families skin! One of her own daughters had eczema so her research was very thorough to develop the oils inside of each Touch'd sugar scrub! Touch'd quickly became a hit with the family, then friends, and now more and more people are seeing how wonderful it is getting Touch'd!

Touch'd is celebrating the GRAND OPENING of their online store!
To help celebrate Rachel is offering YOU 25% off!
Just enter coupon code: PyleofLove

(Good until July 15th, 2010)

And keep your eyes out for my upcoming Touch'd Sugar Scrub review &
Organic Moisture Myst giveaway to be posted later in the week!

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