Organizing your Digital Scrapbooking

The very first page I did featuring Elijah.

I think I was in elementary school when I first realized you could scrapbook stuff. I would collage anything I could find to preserve the memories of each day. Ask my mom; Her attic is still filled with the boxes of every piece of paper I think I ever wrote on, every ticket stub, even placemats and napkins from restaurants and parties. You may be saying to yourself 'pack rat' but I prefer memory preserver better. ;)

This collage below was one of the first of hundreds of digital collages I did when I was a teenager. How many tongues are sticking out in that picture? Seriously? lol And how many hair colors/styles did I have? It's like a Seek & Find.

Obviously I have refined my scrapbooking quite a bit since then. It didn't take me long to figure out just what to do with that stuff I collected, especially with the rise of digital photography meaning I could have the photos instantly. Sometimes I let the objects tell their own stories, sometimes I write a journal entry to accompany them. Sometimes I use memorabilia from an event (napkins, fliers, decorations) to frame photos from the event. Sometimes I create special backgrounds, frames, and elements just for the special thing I am scrapping. Either way, I do a lot of scrapbooking. And now that I have Elijah, it has more than tripled, but my budget for supplies has been traded for diaper money. Believe it or not, that turned out to be a good thing!

I have been hybrid scrapping for years. Printing elements that I create in Adobe Photoshop to accompany my pages. Soon after I started hybrid scrapping, I found myself doing full digital scrapbook pages so I am not new to the concept. Oh no, my problem is that I am a little too into it....

Now being over 10 years from when I first started, I have quit a digital collection. I'm talking serious GIGS of files. Most are burnt to cd... hundreds of cds. Some is on my external hard drive, which is a terabyte, thank god. My problem is that when I go to work on a project I can never find that perfect paper/element/frame/alpha that I know I have. I have used iphoto on my mac, ACDSee and Picasa on my PC. I have tried folders. I just haven't been totally happy with anything so far. So I have started a search for the best way to to organize it all. Folders, software, I will try as many options as I can and then will share what I find with you.

The first thing I have found worth while so far is a fabulous article by Simple Scrapper. Check it out here:

So while I keep looking for more ideas, tell me, how do you organize your digi scrap? Leave your ideas and tips in the comments below!