Mailbox Monday Freebies

Welcome to Mailbox Monday! Join me every Monday when I share what I received in the mail this past week for FREE and share links to get the items FREE yourself! To keep up to date with all my free stuff posts make sure you subscribe or check back often and look for these posts and Notable Newness Freebie posts.

Remember to always use a separate email just for freebies if you sign up for them to prevent your mail email from getting junk and third party ads you don't want! To make signing up for free stuff easier consider using the AutoFill Forms and InformEnter add-ons for the Firefox web browser. I use them both and have even written a tutorial for InformEnter you can view.

Click on the photo to view larger.

Leave a comment below if you want to know what something is I haven't included below or if you find that any of these offers have expired so I can update the post! Thanks!

These magazines, although not pictured, are still available for free:
A bunch of the free magazines listed above come from They always keep a rotating selection of free subscriptions. Bookmark and check back to their site often for their current free titles. They give away a lot of digital subscriptions too. I didn't like digital subscriptions at first but now I am LOVING them! I can still read them, save them, and even print pages I want, anytime! And they don't even take up any space! I am totally sold on them now!

A few of their free digital subscriptions currently available are:
  • Got lots and lots of coupons and freebies when at Artscape on Saturday. Not going to list them all since they aren't available online but if you want to know which any are, just ask.

Not pictured, but still offered:
Want more freebies? To see all Walmart's current freebies check out this page. Sam's Club also has a sample page here. You may need a club member number to sign up for some. (You didn't hear this from me, but some people say any 9 digit number works.)

What did you get in the mail this week?

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