Tackle it Tuesday: Devo Cake - Chocolate Energy Dome Edition

Okay, Okay. This isn't EXACTLY housework, but it's baking, so it's still a domestic type thing right? Plus this has been on my to-do list for a hot minute.

Yesterday was Dave's Birthday so what better way to surprise him than with a special one of a kind cake, themed after one of his favorite things! As most of you readers may know DEVO is one of our all time favorite bands. Especially with the new album just coming out not a day goes by we don't listen to them or watch their videos. Elijah even has gotten into it and asking for them by name! A 20 month old spud, we are so proud! :D

Anyway, so originally I was going to make the cakes, cut to size of an energy dome and then use one sheet of fondant to cover it really smooth. If you are not familiar with what an energy dome is here are a few pictures. The blue is the color they are currently wearing for the new album so I was thinking of doing the fondant that color.

Since Dave doesn't like fondant though (and I didn't get to the store) I decided to go ahead and do one with chocolate icing. Once I made it I can make it again anyway and do a fondant version later. I think for my first try it turned out pretty decent.

First, the cake cut to size:

I used icing on each layer and built upon it, then I did the outside. Note that my icing spatulas all went missing in our last move so I was stuck with a rubber spatula and a butter knife to try to smooth the icing... which wasn't happening. But either way it still turned out pretty awesome! Hope you all like it!

Happy Birthday Davo Daveed!!
Duty now Spuds!


Lucretia said...

Rock on!! :) Do you ever spend time over drooling on http://cakecentral.com ?

Someday I'll give in to my inner cake decorator.

Anyone born yesterday = soooo awesome! ;)

Dawn said...

adorable! Love your blog! I'm stopping by from the PRP and I am now your newest follower! :)