The Learning Tower , you NEED this!

learning towerElijah is always so curious what I am doing up on the counter but I never felt comfortable holding him on a chair or sitting him on the counter to watch. We tried just bringing him in the kitchen in his highchair, but that was only so good for so long. He still couldn't really see what I was doing unless I showed him step by step and he couldn't really help since the high chair doesn't come close to the counter. A while ago while I was on my friend Tara's site, Feels Like Home, and I saw her daughter using this platform like thing at the counter, that was my first glimpse of The Learning Tower and I had to find out more!

The Learning Tower is a safe, fun way for kids to help up at the counter! It is the only safety stool rated by the manufacturer for children as young as 18 months, and at 21 months Elijah has absolutely no problem using it. The platform is adjustable and he is already tall enough it can be set at 1 step down from the top. I can see him using this happily until he is 5 or 6 and old enough to reach the counter himself. And even then I can see him still using it. Having been tested to hold up to 500 pounds I don't have to worry about a weight limit. In fact, the Learning Tower is designed to comfortably hold up to two children! It would easily hold Elijah and a friend and future sibling with no worries at all!
The Playhouse Kit and the Art Easel accessories available for the Learning Tower can help it be the most used piece of furniture in your home! There is even a Toy Tower! A scaled down version of the Learning Tower for your child to use with her dolls and stuffed animals! How neat is that! We have had the Learning Tower for about 2 weeks now and Elijah has used it every day! We have stood up to the counter together and cooked, played with his toys, played with play dough, colored, washed dishes, washed our hands, played with water in the sink, did a mold of his hand, painted, stacked blocks and more! Elijah is happy to be a counter height with me and I am happy to be able to spend more time with him and teach him even more!

The Learning Tower is made of wood so it's quality, heirloom type furniture. This is a piece of furniture I will be able to save for my grandchildren I am sure! And it cleans so easy, just wipe with a damp cloth! Even better, The Learning Tower even offers a lifetime warranty!!! Just make sure you register your tower after you get it! You can also order replacement parts.

The Tower weighs 35 pounds assembled, so it's not something you can easily carry to another room but we found it fits perfectly under our breakfast bar between our stools when we need to push it out of the way when not in use. I picked a azure blue one for Elijah because it's such a nice color and matches his eyes! It also comes in Natural, Dark Cherry, Apple Green, Royal Blue, Red, Pink, Black and White. You can see the colors on The Learning Tower product page.

As soon as we received the Learning Tower Elijah was excited! I told him it's something he will be able to use to stand up on. Of course he took that literal and stood on it right away... and continued to stand on each part as I put it together!
He was a huge help putting it together though! All it takes is an allen wrench (which they included but we have one with a handle I like to use) and the directions are so clear and simple.
Even with Elijah's help it only took us about 20 minutes from opening the box until it was ready to go! It probably will only take about 10 minutes normally when your helper isn't standing on each part!
Once together I explained to Elijah how to get up and tried to show him. He hasn't ever climbed anything like this yet though so he didn't really understand. For now I just lift him up in it.
At first he was a little afraid. He started by sitting on the platform and it took us a few minutes to try to convince him he could stand. He started by peeking over the counter at the toys, then he attempted reaching for them and just sitting on the platform playing. After he played and colored while on the platform for a bit he slowly stood up and realized how much fun it was to be up at the counter with us!
Now he loves it and cant use it enough! The Learning Tower is a quality product that I highly recommend for every household with children 18 months to 6 years. I look forward to sharing the memories we will make with him standing on his tower. Anytime we use it with anything I blog about I will be sure to tag the post with the Learning Tower category so you can follow the different ways we use it and hopefully get inspired with new ways to use yours!

My next post featuring the tower will include a video we took of Elijah using it the first time! Can't wait for you to see it!

Buy your own Learning Tower!
You can also use their store locater to find a retail store near you that carries The Learning Tower!


Big Thank You to Lizzy, the most wonderful PR agent I've ever worked with (seriously someone give that woman a raise!) that made this review possible and is so totally sweet! And also a big thank you to Little Partners for making such a great product and allowing us to feature it here!
Disclosure: I received a Learning Tower for Elijah to use in exchange with sharing our experiences with it. That in no way influenced our opinions. We honestly love it and would buy it regardless!


Brandy Ellen said...

You are right, my kids would LOVE LOVE this! Thanks for sharing it with us! Looks so fun!

Frugal New England Kitchen said...

My grandkids could use this when they come over! Neat!